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Cool down in warmer weather with high quality teas like fruit tea, peppermint tea, and lemon tea made as refreshing cold brew iced tea! No hot water or hot tea is needed on hot days – simply brew premium tea leaves or tea bags with cold water to make refreshing cold brew tea.

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Crafted for those who appreciate the chill side of tea, our specially designed cold brew tea bags make brewing tea in cold water a breeze. Embrace the cool, crisp flavours that unfold in every sip. Explore the art of slow-steeped goodness with T2's cold brew tea.

Brewing chill elegance: crafting T2's cold brew tea

At T2, we meticulously craft our cold brew teas, providing every cold brew lover with a refreshing tea experience.

  • Blending To create a symphony of coolness, each tea blend is carefully crafted, combining various teas and fruits for a nuanced taste profile. T2's cold brew teas are designed to be a dance of flavours on your palate.
  • Packaging Once the perfect blend is achieved, the tea is thoughtfully packaged in cold brew-specific bags. These bags are designed for optimal infusion, ensuring a delightful cold tea with every sip.

Sipping sustainability, preserving freshness

At T2, our love for tea goes hand in hand with our commitment to a sustainable future. From sourcing the finest leaves to crafting exquisite blends, we consider the planet in every step of our tea-making process. Our cold brew tea bags are crafted from biodegradable materials, aligning with our mission to minimise our environmental footprint.

How to savour T2's cold brew tea bags

T2's cold brew tea bags make enjoying chilled tea a breeze. Here's your guide to brewing drink:

  • Select your cold brew tea bag — Choose your preferred T2 cold brew tea from our diverse collection.
  • Apply cold water — Choose your preferred T2 cold brew tea from our diverse collection.
  • Add ice and garnish — Once steeped, pour your cold brew tea over ice. Garnish with fruits, herbs or a citrus twist for a personalised touch.
  • Sip and enjoy — Revel in the crisp, chilled goodness of T2's cold brew tea. No additional sweeteners are needed — just pure, cool delight!

Elevate each tea moment with T2

Indulge in the refreshing allure of T2's cold brew tea collection, where every sip is an invitation to experience the cool side of tea. Explore our range of teas and accessories today, and let T2 redefine your tea-drinking journey with sophistication and flair.

From stylish iced tea jugs, convenient tea flasks and tea bottles to chic tea glasses and tumblers, our tea accessories are designed to complement your tea rituals. Shop now and redefine the way you enjoy your favourite brews!


How to make cold brew tea?

Choose your preferred T2 cold brew tea bags, place them in a pitcher with cold water and let them steep in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours or overnight. Strain, pour over ice, add sweeteners or fruits if desired and enjoy a refreshing brew with nuanced flavours!

What are the key differences between cold brew tea and hot brew tea?

Cold brew tea is brewed with cold or room temperature water and steeped for a longer time (2-4 hours or overnight), resulting in a smoother, less bitter flavour. In contrast, hot brew tea uses hot water, has a quicker steeping time and can have a more robust taste with potentially bitter notes if over-steeped.

Can all tea be cold-brewed?

While many teas can be cold-brewed, cold brewing particularly suits herbal teas, fruit infusions, green teas and white teas. The gradual infusion process enhances their unique characteristics, creating a refreshing beverage. Experiment with various tea types to find your perfect cold brew concoction.

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