Milk Jugs & Sugar Bowls

Stunning teawares need matching milk jugs and sugar bowls to complete them. Buddy up your T2 teapots and teacups with milk jugs and sugar bowls to steal the show.

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Stylize Your Tea Party With Milk Jugs & Sugar Bowls

While our exquisitely crafted teapots, tea cups and tea mugs are the epitome of fabulously fashionable functionality, we think that accessorizing with matching milk jugs and sugar bowls takes any tea party or tea drinking occasion from fabulous to flawless!

Tea party essentials

Whether it’s a tea party for one, two or twenty of your besties, milk jugs and sugar bowls are the icing on the teacake. Consider matching milk jugs and sugar bowls as decorations to set your tea party alight with glitz and glamour!

On our list of tea party essentials is:

  1. Tea – of course! Select the finest teas to tantalise your tea-drinking besties’ tastebuds. Try the sweetly perfumed French Earl Grey, elegantly aromatic Gorgeous Geisha, super sassy New York Breakfast or a rich and chocolatey Oolong Chocolate Chai.
  2. Beautiful teapots! Taking centre stage on every tea party table are stunning teapots. Arm yourself with a T2 teapot collection that has your guests green with envy!
  3. The stunning teapot’s bridesmaids are the all-important matching milk jugs and sugar bowls with spoons. No teapot is complete without these tea accessories adorning the tea party table.
  4. Tea cups and saucers – elegant, engaging and eloquent tea cup and saucer sets flit and flutter about, the eye-catching items which attract all the attention.
  5. Teaspoons – small and cute but super important.
  6. A posh tablecloth – the undergarments are an essential part of any fashionable outfit!
  7. Tantalising sweet treats – a tray of tasty cakes and biscuits shouldn’t steal the show but complement the gorgeous teawares and delicious teas.

What are milk jugs and sugar bowls made out of?

Not quite sugar and spice and all things nice… but close! Discover milk jugs and sugar bowls with lids to complete your tea set in a variety of T2 designs. These marvellous tea accessories are meticulously crafted in fine bone china and porcelain, some with a touch of glam in a gold trim.

Are milk jugs BPA free?

Yes, our small milk jugs are made from fine bone china and porcelain and do not contain BPA chemicals.

How do I use a sugar and creamer set?

Sugar and creamer sets are teawares used by guests to add their own milk or cream and/or sugar to their cup of tea. Simply pop your cream and sugar set on the table and teaspoons in the cup and saucer sets for your guests to serve themselves, remembering to put out a spoon for the sugar bowl.

Cream and sugar sets are also known as milk jug and sugar bowl sets, milk pitchers and cream jugs – but they all serve the same purpose.

How do you prepare and serve tea?

Follow these steps to prepare and serve tea to your guests:

  1. Boil the kettle to the recommended temperature.
  2. Warm the teapot by swishing a little boiling water around before discarding.
  3. Add the tea – one scoop per cup of tea.
  4. Fill the teapot and let the tea brew for the recommended time.
  5. For teas drunk with milk, add a dash of milk to the teacup before pouring the tea.
  6. Allow your guests to add sugar or lemon to taste from the matching milk jug and sugar bowl set.
  7. Sip, savour and enjoy!

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