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A sip in the right direction.

A sip in the right

Tea is earth-given and human-harvested, by nature we’re advocates of both. As a brewing force for good, our recipe for the future is detailed, goal oriented and third party certified. Transparency is the most important ingredient.

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B Corp Certified
since 2020

Our B Corp status: ‘in a relationship’

We’ve always prioritised our relationship with people and planet but in 2020 we decided to make it official. Our B Corp certification defines what it means to be a ‘good business’ and mandates high standards of social and environmental performance.

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Tea that’s Sustainably Sourced

Sips that come from a good place.

From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is Sustainably Sourced. This means it has one or several third party accreditations that confirm its sustainable origins.

From then to now

From then to now

2% of our tea range is sustainably sourced. A decision is made to review the remaining 98%.

Every ingredient is reviewed with no tea leaf left unturned.

Phase one achieved. 100% of our tea leaves and herbal ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Project complete. With the conversion of our tisanes, 100% of our range is now sustainably sourced.

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Packaging you can plant

Working with the planet and not against.

We’re putting more intention into our packaging design, today the majority of our products now come packaged in reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. Our goal is to offer 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging worldwide.

Most of our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable and is marked with logos to support correct disposal.

RECYCLABLE: Tea boxes,gift wrapping, shopping bags, tissue paper

GENERAL WASTE: Stickers, black Foils

COMPOSTABLE: Inner liner of tea cubes, teabag (including string and label)

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Teawares that Tick Boxes

Beautifully designed, ethically sourced.

Our unique teawares are 100% ethically sourced from creatives across the globe. We ensure that all of our suppliers meet the auditing standards of Sedex Members Ethical Trade (SMETA) or Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

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We are Carbon Neutral

Taking responsibility for our carbon footprint.

From then to now

From then to now


We took out our measuring sticks and reviewed 2018 carbon emissions, marking them as our baseline year with benchmarks for improvement.


Our footprint was reduced by 8.5% in our first year of action.


Tracking the effect of Covid-19 and initial initiatives we saw a 45% reduction in carbon contributions in 2020.


We continue to learn and adapt, reducing but also offsetting 100% of our emissions through the Qantas Future Planet Program.

Qantas Future Planet Program

In partnership with Qantas Future Planet we
have reached 100% carbon neutrality by
investing in projects to offset carbon


Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project Northern Territory, Australia

In the absence of fire management by Aboriginal Traditional Landowners, Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is prone to extreme, devastating wildfires that damage the landscape including rock art galleries, cultural sites and biodiversity.

ALFA – Arnhem Land Fire Abatement is an Aboriginal owned, not-for profit carbon farming business, that supports Aboriginal Traditional Owners and rangers to utilise customary fire knowledge and skills in tandem with contemporary technology to accomplish highly sophisticated landscape scale fire management. Their projects deliver significant emissions reductions whilst supporting environmental, cultural and social outcomes.

Winds of Change – Madurai, India Renewable Energy Projects

Across India, wind farms reduce emissions by introducing clean power to the electricity grid, which would otherwise be generated by a fossil-fuel power plant.

These projects are compatible with rural land uses and allow farmers to continue growing crops and grazing livestock up to the base of the turbines.

Where the wind turbines have been installed there has been a 300% increase in land values over the past 10 years. This is due to access to electricity, and water wells which are boosting irrigation for crops and elevating living standards.

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Sustainabe stores mobile Sustainabe-stores-mobile

Sustainable Stores

Better by design.

Better by design.

Our first Green Star store at Bondi Junction, opened in 2020, has set a precedence for our design approach moving forward. We continue to pull from recycled timbers and sustainably certified materials while also branching out, discovering innovative suppliers and local manufacturers.

For Australian stores, our countertops for example have been finished in a product called Betta Stone, it’s made in Melbourne and consists of 80% recycled glass. And our light fittings are hand-woven creations from indigineous artists, like those from Yinarr Maramali, a small, female-owned and run business based on Gomeroi Country (Tamworth, Australia). Using weaving grasses collected from Country, these women practise and protect ancestral weaving techniques and support their community through the YML Weavers and Gomeroi Culture Academy Youth Mentoring Program.

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