Tea for Two Sets

When it's tea for you and tea for me too, tea for two sets make the perfect brew! Exquisite teapot sets and tea cups and saucers sets make tea for two just a little bit spesh.

Tea For Two Sets - Tea Tastes Better When Shared At T2






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Tea For Me, Tea For You, Tea For Two!

Take your tea for two tête-à-têtes to an extra special level with gorgeously glamorous, beautifully bedecked tea for two sets from T2.

Why? Because solo sipping sessions are necessary for mind and body, and a glam tea party with a bunch of tea-drinking besties is always fun - but sharing a cuppa and a moment with one special someone is often the best tea time of all!

What is a tea for two set?

Our tea for two teapot and cup sets flourish and flaunt a bedazzling pairing of tea set tools:

  • The master of ceremony is one proud teapot, tall and stout.
  • The all-important tea infuser accompanies the teapot, ensuring no loose leaf tea escapees tarnish the brew as it flows forth.
  • Two matching tea cups complete the tea for two set adding to the glitz and glamour with sensational synchronici-tea.

How do I choose a tea set?

Teapot sets for two will be summonsed for tête-à-tête tea moments with special peeps, so choose a beautiful tea set worthy of marking those occasions with a considered amount of little-finger-crooking pomp and ceremony.

You can shop teapot sets for two in two ways:

  1. You can browse the exquisite selection of T2 tea for two sets online and have your chosen set delivered safely to your door.
  2. You can visit your local T2 store to see first-hand the stunning array of chic and sweet colourful teawares in fancy fine bone china and stoneware.

Choosing the right tea set

The best tea set for you should fit like a glove in every sense. A tea for two set should:

  • Feel just right in your hands.
  • Make the perfect amount of tea for two.
  • Be a feast for your eyes while satisfying your thirst for tea.
  • Facilitate relaxed sipping while sharing closeness and comfort.

How do you use a tea for two set?

Easy! Your tea for two set includes a teapot perfectly designed to make heavenly brews for two. Simply:

  1. Add two scoops of a T2 tea you both love to the infuser.
  2. Add boiling water at the recommended temperature and brew for the recommended time.
  3. Pour into the matching cups for a luscious tea-drinking experience with your partner-in-tea.

Of course you can elevate the glamour dial by incorporating delightful tea accessories, when it’s tea for two it’s up to you!

Must have tea accessories

When we’re aiming for next-level just a little bit spesh, tea accessories are the icing on the teacake. Swinging between super cute and fabulously functional, tea accessories will cause your tea for two set to look and say, ‘you complete me’.

An afternoon tea for two set might aspire to new heights if accessorised with matching sugar bowls, milk jugs, cute teaspoons and scoops, because in the fashionable world of tea little things can make simple moments momentous.

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