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Quietly spoken yet profoundly eloquent, our loose leaf white tea collection is a study of pure, unadulterated beauty designed to leave you humming with rapture and repose.

White Tea - Delicate Loose Leaf Tea Collection At T2


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Step into the enchanting realm of white tea with T2, where tranquillity meets taste. Discover the grace and purity of white tea, a brew celebrated for its delicate flavours and subtle sophistication. Savour the serenity it offers as you embark on a delightful tea journey.

Crafting elegance: the humble beginnings of our white tea

At T2, we meticulously handcraft our white teas to ensure a pristine and exquisite tea experience.

  • Harvesting — The journey of white tea begins in the tea gardens. T2's experts carefully select the most tender and fresh tea buds and young leaves. These delicate leaves are handpicked to ensure the highest quality.
  • Withering — After harvesting, the selected tea leaves undergo the withering process. During this step, the leaves are spread out in a controlled environment, allowing them to wither naturally. This process helps remove excess moisture and reduces bitterness while preserving the tea’s natural sweetness and delicate flavours.
  • Drying — The withered leaves are then gently dried to halt oxidation. T2 uses specific drying techniques to maintain the tea's freshness, prevent further oxidation and preserve white tea's low caffeine content and light, delicate flavours.
  • Packaging and presentation — Once the white tea leaves have been expertly treated, they are thoughtfully packaged to maintain their exquisite flavours and aromas. T2 prioritises sustainable packaging solutions that reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Labelling and information — Every packet of white tea is extensively labelled, providing comprehensive details such as the tea's name, brewing instructions and certifications. This ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.
  • Storage and distribution — The packaged white tea is stored optimally, ensuring its freshness and maintaining its unique characteristics. From our stores to worldwide distribution, T2 brings gentle and refreshing white tea to tea enthusiasts across the globe.

Sustaining nature, savouring quality

At T2, we don't just care about tea; we care about creating a sustainable future. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is as strong as our passion for our products. We carefully source our tea leaves to ensure the highest quality and ethical practices. Beyond the tea leaves, we also think about the planet with every step we take in bringing our teas to you.

From harvesting to packaging, T2 prioritises sustainability. Our teabags are crafted from biodegradable materials, reducing our footprint. We also minimise waste and encourage recycling, using sustainable packaging that can be reused or composted. By combining the finest tea and environmental practice, we create a brew that tastes and does good.

When you enjoy our teas, you can be sure you’re sipping from sustainably-sourced tea leaves and herbs. Our sources have one or several third party accreditations that confirm its sustainable origins.

Savouring T2's white tea teabags

T2's white tea in teabags brings convenience to your tea experience while preserving the delicate qualities of this exquisite drink. Here's how to enjoy it:

  • Select your teabag — Choose your favourite T2 white tea from our collection. Each tea bag is filled with high-quality white tea leaves, ensuring a delightful brew.
  • Boil water — Heat fresh, cold water to about 80°C (175°F). This temperature is ideal for preventing bitterness and allowing the white tea's gentle flavours to shine
  • Steep your teabag in hot water — Place the teabag in your teacup or mug and pour the hot water over it. Fill your cup, leaving room for the teabag to steep properly — approximately 2-3 minutes. You can adjust this time to suit your taste. A longer steep may result in a slightly stronger flavour.
  • Remove the teabag and enjoy — After steeping, lift the teabag gently from your cup. White tea has a natural sweetness and subtle flavour — you can sip it without any additional flavours or sweeteners to fully appreciate its character. However, if you prefer, you can add a touch of honey or a slice of lemon for a unique twist.
  • Try multiple infusions — One of the charms of white tea is its ability to be infused multiple times. Don't discard the teabag after the first steep. Experiment with additional infusions, and you'll notice how the flavours evolve with each brew.
  • Pair thoughtfully — White tea pairs well with light, complementary flavours. Enjoy it with fresh fruit, a simple salad or delicate pastries for an indulgent tea time experience.

Embrace the elegance of white tea at T2

Elevate your tea experience to new heights with our carefully selected white tea blends, renowned for their delicate flavour and soothing qualities. Shop all teas today, and let T2 redefine your tea-drinking experience!

If you’re interested in enhancing your tea ritual with some tea accessories, we invite you to explore our collection. From elegant teapots and charming mugs with convenient tea infusers to our exquisite tea tins, we have everything you need to make each tea moment special.


What is white tea?

Crafted from the tender leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, white tea is celebrated for its understated flavour and delicate appearance.

How is white tea different from other types of tea?

White tea is distinct from other teas due to its minimal processing. It's made from young leaves and buds and undergoes the least amount of oxidation compared to green, oolong and black teas.

Is there caffeine in white tea?

Yes, there is some caffeine in white tea, although typically less than other types of tea, like black tea.

How do I brew white tea?

To brew white tea, use freshly boiled water cooled slightly (about 80°C or 175°F). Steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on your tea strength preference. For more detailed instructions on how to brew tea, check out our brewing guide.

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