Iced Tea Jugs

Iced tea jugs are teawares tools for serving refreshing iced tea drinks on sunny summer days. Shop the T2 iced tea Jug-a-Lot collection online and instore today!

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Iced Tea Made Easy Breezy!

In the warmer weather a refreshing glass of iced tea sends shivers down your spine! Iced tea is a delightfully tasty way to hydrate, stay cool and quench your thirst on a hot day. T2 iced tea jugs and fruit tisanes make creating that extra juicy jug of thirst-quenching iced tea easy!

do you make a jug of iced tea?

When it’s time to chillax with a chilled tea drink, your T2 iced tea jugs with lids are the easiest tea jugs to use. Simply:

  1. Add two scoops of your favourite tea blend per 250ml cup to your iced tea jug infuser.
  2. Fill the jug with boiling water and let it brew for between thirty minutes and four hours.
  3. Remove the infuser and chill the iced tea, adding sliced fruit, citrus or berries to splash out with some fruity-come-zesty pizzazz!
  4. Pour over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint or a slice of fresh fruit.
  5. Sit back and relax while you sip and sigh over your invigorating ice cold brew!

Tea making tools

Stylish T2 iced tea makers certainly make the job easier with built-in infusers, airtight pouring lids for locking in freshness, and made from tough BPA free materials.

A T2 Jug-A-Lot is the only tool you need to become the best iced tea maker in the neighbourhood, although a measuring scoop and some loose leaf tea or teabags would come in handy…

Which tea makes the best iced tea?

Green tea and fruit tisanes are the obvious choices for lip-smacking iced tea brews, but there are many teas just as tealiciously tasty icy cold as they are steaming hot. Popular tea blends to throw in your iced tea pitcher with infuser include:

  • Japanese Sencha with sliced lemon
  • Packs A Peach plus Southern Sunrise poured over ice and garnished with fresh peach and ginger slices
  • Watermelon Sorbet Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane infused with soda water or lemonade and basil sprigs
  • Fruitalicious Fruit Tisane mixed with soda water and garnished with rosemary
  • Just Lemon Myrtle combined with Liquorice Legs for a zesty iced tea blend

What is the most popular iced tea?

Top of the Pops accolades for iced tea faves are a many-ways tie. It’s hard to ignore the cool and healthy feels that iced green teas splash about, but for a fruity tuity sipalicious twist consider Packs A Peach, Fruitalicious and Pumping Pomegranate for a dose of the chills!

Can you make iced tea with regular tea bags?

Iced tea made with tea bags gives just as many goosebumps as your iced tea flavour infusion from tea leaves! Add the equivalent in tea bags as you would tea leaves to your glass jug or iced tea brewing pitcher and allow to steep. Refrigerate and serve with ice, lemonade or soda water, sliced fruit or fresh herbs and any garnish to.

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