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T2 tea accessories are the mighty team behind the perfect loose leaf tea brew. Shop tea strainers, tea cups and stainless steel tea infusers for the best cup of tea.

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Tea Accessories – Functional but Fashionable Tea Making

To perfect the art of tip-top tea making you need the cool tools of the trade! T2 tea accessories include all the essential tea tools for making tea, from teaspoons to tea strainers, matcha whisks, milk frothers and more!

What tools do you need to prepare tea?

Some accessories for tea making are go-to tools regardless of the type of tea, including:

  1. Exquisitely crafted tea scoops and tea spoons for measuring the tea and stirring the perfect cup of loose leaf tea if you’ve added milk, honey, lemon or sugar.
  2. Stainless steel tea infusers or tea strainers aren’t needed if you’re a tea bags type of tea lover, but these trusty tea gadgets are essential tea accessories for loose leaf tea-making.

Tea accessories for making special types of tea include:

  1. Tea whisks – must-haves if you want to whisk your powdered teas into frothy lattes! Buy tea accessories like the T2 Powdered Whisk to whip up a scintillating turmeric latte, or buy Japanese tea accessories such as Everyday Matcha Whisks to make a marvelously healthy cup of matcha.
  2. A cheeky chai brew needs a partner in crime and the Honeycomb Chai Pot is the perfect choice. These charming chai brewing vessels take your chai from fine to sublime!
  3. A Trendglas Milking It Frother lets you froth the milk into a fluffy frenzy to make blooming lovely tea lattes!

What are the best tea accessories?

T2 tea lovers agree the top tea tools club is a pretty tight bunch.

  • Scoops and spoons are leading tea accessories, closely followed by tea infusers and tea strainers.
  • Matcha fans rate bamboo matcha whisks and double wall glass matcha bowls top of their list of best tea accessories.
  • Hosting a tea party? Tea-rrific afternoon tea accessories include the T2 Warmer Black and Pretty Warmer Black – hands down the best tea accessories for keeping your teapot brews toasty hot until there’s not a drop left!

Can you make tea without tools?

Not too many tools are needed if you’re making tea bag tea – just a kettle, tea cup or tea mug and perhaps a teaspoon if your tea bag cup of tea needs stirring.

The barest essentials for tea drinkers who prefer loose leaf tea include:

  1. Teaspoons or tea scoops to measure the tea.
  2. Teapots or tea mugs with infusers for fuss-free tea brewing.
  3. Tea infusers or tea strainers to keep the tea leaves under control.

If you’re making powdered tea like matcha or a turmeric latte, you definitely need a whisk!

What is the best way to prepare tea?

Whipping up a toasty tea brew is easy. Follow these steps to make loose leaf tea:

  1. Warm the teapot with a little boiling water, swish and discard.
  2. Add a scoop per cup of loose leaf tea into the teapot, tea maker or tea mug with infuser.
  3. Pour boiling water to the required level.
  4. Brew for the recommended time.
  5. Pour (or remove the infuser from your tea mug).
  6. Enjoy the natural flavors or add a dash of milk, honey, lemon and/or sugar to taste.
  7. Take a moment to relax, sip and savor the flavor!
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