Simply Sumptuous Luxury Tea Gifts

When a special occasion arises, a specialtea gift is needed! Find simply sensational specialty gifts over $65 in our luxe teawares and tea gift pack collections – gorgeous and glamorous gifts for tea lovers.

What are luxury tea gift ideas?

You’ll feel like Aladdin amidst mounds of golden glitz and bedazzling glamour in heavenly T2 stores. These luxury gifts for every occasion are so breathtakingly beautiful they turn daily tea-making rituals into special events!

Find perfect gifts over $65 to mark memorable moments and auspicious occasions with:

Luxury tea and elegant teawares are great gift ideas for everyone. Don’t say it with flowers – go one step better and say it with floral tisanes and flowery teawares!

What are the best gourmet tea gifts over $65?

Ooh-la-la sweetie, when your sophisticated palate craves a good gourmet tea the best of the best is at T2. Whether you’re a breakfast tea babe, herbal tea hero, fruity-tooty florist or green tea guru, T2 tea is your go-to, top-class brew!

You can’t pick just one top-of-the-pots best gourmet tea in our world-class collection. They may be black, green or white, but they’re all simply GOLD.

Why is tea a good gift?

Tea is one of the most wildly drunk beverages in the world! Luxury tea is exciting and different and caters to everyone. Up the ante by giving exquisite teawares combined with loose leaf tea gift packs - these indulgent combos make great gifts over $65.

There are countless ways to give the gift of tea, such as:

  1. New tea tastes so hot to trot they’re at boiling point!
  2. Piping hot tea blends or super chilled iced teas and cold brew teas make tea seasonally-suitable.
  3. Trendy gifts like smooth tea lattes, matcha, organic tea and turmeric tea are ahead of the curve.
  4. Decadent teawares make wonderful heirloom gifts.

What are some gift ideas under $100?

Delightful teawares showcasing painted pics adorned with glittering gold accents are gift ideas suitable for the rich and famous – and everyone else.

Find the perfect gifts over $65 for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, festive gifts for Christmas and unique birthday gifts 65 including:

Why not personalize your gifts over $65 by creating luxury gift hampers filled to the brim with designer teas and elegant teawares with the cutest tea accessories too? Add some sparkling scoops and spoons and milk jugs and sugar bowls to compile stunning tea gift sets… then wait for the tea party fun to begin!

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