Sencha tea is a name that dances on the tongue with an air of mystery and elegance. But what exactly does "Sencha" mean, and what secrets lie behind this captivating tea? Join us on a journey into the world of Sencha, where tradition meets innovation, and where each sip unveils a story of centuries-old tea craftsmanship.

Discover the true meaning of Sencha and unlock a world of taste and culture that will leave you enchanted here at T2!

The origins of our Sencha tea

Sencha tea at T2 is crafted meticulously to bring out its distinctive flavour and aroma. Here's a glimpse into how this exquisite tea is made:

  • Harvesting - The journey begins in lush tea gardens where only the finest tea leaves are handpicked. These leaves are chosen with precision, ensuring that only the best make their way into T2's Sencha tea collection.
  • Steaming — After harvesting, the tea leaves are gently steamed. This crucial step helps to halt oxidation, preserving the tea's vibrant green colour and fresh, grassy notes. It's a delicate process that requires exact timing to achieve the desired Sencha taste.
  • Rolling — The steamed tea leaves are then rolled into their characteristic needle-like shape. This helps to release the tea's flavour and aroma further, creating a more robust and complex profile.
  • Drying — Following rolling, the tea leaves are carefully dried to remove excess moisture. This ensures the tea's longevity and helps maintain its captivating qualities.
  • Blending - At T2, the art of blending is taken to heart. Sencha tea leaves from different regions and harvests are skillfully blended to achieve a harmonious and well-balanced flavour profile. This process allows T2 to offer its customers the most consistent Sencha experience.
  • Quality control — Stringent quality control measures are applied at every production stage to maintain the highest standards. T2's commitment to delivering the best Sencha tea means that only teas meeting our strict criteria make it to the market.
  • Packaging — Once the Sencha blend reaches perfection, it's thoughtfully packaged to preserve its freshness and quality. T2 emphasises sustainable packaging, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Labelling and information - Each packet of Sencha tea is labelled with essential information, including brewing instructions and certifications, to ensure that tea lovers can enjoy their Sencha experience to the fullest.
  • Storage and distribution — The packaged Sencha tea is stored under controlled conditions to maintain its freshness. From there, it's distributed to T2 stores or shipped to customers, allowing tea enthusiasts worldwide to relish Sencha tea's captivating taste and aroma.

Sustainability in every sip: T2's green commitment from leaf to cup

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the very essence of our brand. Here's how we integrate sustainability into our practices:

  • Sustainable sourcing - We source our Sencha tea leaves and other teas from suppliers who share our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. This ensures that the journey of our Sencha tea from leaf to cup is environmentally responsible from the very beginning.
  • Responsible packaging — T2 is passionate about packaging. We strive to minimise waste by using reusable, recyclable or compostable materials for our tea packaging.
  • Environmental education — Knowledge is a powerful tool for change, and that’s why we educate our staff and customers about sustainability practices, empowering them to make informed choices that support a greener future.
  • Continuous improvement — Sustainability is an ongoing journey. At T2, we regularly review and update our practices to align with the latest environmental standards and innovations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our energy-efficient operations and sustainability efforts.

How to brew our Sencha tea

Here’s a guide to brewing T2's Sencha tea to perfection:

  1. Boil water - Begin by heating fresh, cold water to around 70-80°C (158-176°F). Avoid using boiling water, as it can make the tea bitter.
  2. Prepare your cup — Place our Sencha teabag in your cup or mug.
  3. Pour water and allow to steep — Pour the hot water over the Sencha teabag. Let it steep for about 1-2 minutes. Steeping for too long can result in bitterness, so monitor the time carefully.
  4. Remove and sip — After the recommended steeping time, remove the teabag. Your Sencha tea is now ready for you to enjoy!

Elevate your tea experience with T2's Sencha tea

Step into the world of Japanese tea culture with our exquisite Sencha tea range at T2. Experience this classic green tea's vibrant and refreshing flavours, and explore our diverse collection of Japanese teas and accessories, from traditional brewing teapots to modern tea mugs with infusers.


What is Sencha tea?

Sencha tea is a vibrant and refreshing green tea rooted in Japan. "Sencha" literally translates to "steamed tea" in Japanese, highlighting its unique production process.

Does Sencha contain caffeine?

Yes, Sencha tea contains caffeine, but it generally has lower caffeine levels than black tea or coffee, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a milder caffeine boost.

How do I make Sencha tea?

Brewing the perfect cup of Sencha tea is an art, and having the right Japanese teapot can elevate your tea experience. At T2, we recommend our exquisite Arare Cast Iron Black Teapot (but you can also use a traditional one) to make this process a breeze. Check out our guide on how to make/brew tea for more information.

Can I add sweeteners or flavours to Sencha tea?

While purists enjoy Sencha in its pure form, you can absolutely experiment with sweeteners or flavours like honey or lemon to suit your taste. It's a versatile tea that adapts well to various additions.

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