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If you're making matcha, you'll need accessories! Shop innovative matcha making tools at T2, including a T2 bamboo matcha whisk designed for whipping up creamy matcha brews!

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How do you make matcha?

When your tea-making rituals call for a little pomp and ceremony, it’s time to select your favourite high quality green tea – marvellous matcha! Matcha is drunk at a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, but it has been adopted worldwide for its unbeatable health benefits and delicious flavours.

The secret to preparing matcha is in the teawares – whisking up the matcha powder using a matcha tea set and bamboo whisk will help to hone your matcha-making skills! Ready to go? Here’s our quick guide to making matcha:

  1. Use your matcha bamboo scoop to add the perfect amount of matcha powder to your T2 double wall glass matcha bowl
  2. Boil about 150mls of water to 80°C and add to the matcha powder
  3. Whisk with your T2 Ceremonial or Everyday Bamboo Whisk in an M shape until frothy
  4. Top with warm milk and a dash of honey or serve it pure – it’s up to you!
  5. Sip and savour its delicious green goodness!

How to use a matcha set?

Can’t get to Japan for the cherry blossom festival? Stay home and make blooming good matcha instead!

If you’re looking for the best matcha set you’ll find the fabulous T2 matcha tea sets complete with matcha whisk and bowl and matching matcha bamboo scoop are designed to WHISK you away to the land of the cherry blossoms with out-of-this-world, super-delish matcha powders and gorgeous teawares.

What is a matcha whisk?

Matcha is made from the green leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The green tea leaves known as tencha are ground until they resemble a very fine powder which is mixed with hot water to become the popular good-for-you green tea everyone loves.

So why does this tea need a special matcha whisk set?

The trusty tea trinket we call a matcha whisk is crafted from natural bamboo and is the essential tool used to totally blend the green tea powder with the hot water. When whisked until frothy the powdered tea becomes the delicious and nutritious green tea beverage revered for its marvellous health benefits and fabulous flavours.

Do I need a matcha whisk?

You do, if you are preparing matcha to drink from T2 double walled matcha bowls or the Lustre Matcha Blue Mug!

A high quality matcha whisk is the key player in the matcha tea-making ritual. The bamboo whisk is the guy that gets the tea moving and grooving, whipping up a storm in a matcha tea vessel.

But if you have the T2 Matcha Flask for matcha on the move, you don’t need a matcha whisk because this clever little tea-treasure has a built-in whisk for whisking as you go!

How to clean a matcha whisk?

Gently handwash your matcha whisk in warm soapy water and rinse clean. Pat dry with a soft cloth or leave it to air dry. This finely crafted piece of Japanese culture is definitely not a candidate for the dishwasher.

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