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O come all ye faithful tea drinkers and give tea gift packs galore! Christmas, birthday or any occasion, limited edition tea gifts and loose leaf tea gift boxes are perfect gifts for tea lovers!

Tea Box + Tea Gift Packs - Best Gift Ideas At T2!


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Gifts. Treats. Pressies. Little somethings. Whatever you call them, find the perfect gifts to give loved one’s — or for loving one’s self. We have got you covered for: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Lunar New Year, Singles Day, Valentine's and Galantine’s Day, plus, of course, Christmas! Sip and slurp your way through dozens of top teas with tea gift packs designed to lead you astray! Think you’re a black tea drinker? Wait until you try your first cup of fresh and fruity Packs A Peach or China Jasmine green tea! Think herbal teas are for greenies? Lemongrass and Ginger will fill your cup with fabulous feels – try it and see!

What is in a tea gift pack?

Our remarkable range of tea gift packs serves up a smorgasbord of tempting tip-top T2 teas!

Treat yourself to the gift of new tea experiences in handy tea gift packs, or bless your besties with tea gift packs filled with all-time BTF’s (Best Teas Forever).

Try T2 Sips Gift Packs – fabulously fresh loose leaf tea gift packs containing TEN sachets of tealicious sips ca-tea-gorised as:

  1. Firm ‘ Faves’ across the globe – a top sip mix of black and green teas, fruit and herbal tisanes.
  2. Drink your ‘ Greens’ - a gloriously green tea gift pack including China Jasmine, Gorgeous Geisha and Green Rose.
  3. Get fresh and fruity-tuity with an assortment of sipalicious ‘Fruit’ tisanes like the popular Packs A Peach, Fruitalicious and everyone’s favourite dessert in a cup, Apple Crumble.
  4. Happy herbal tea gift packs are bursting with nature’s loose leaf tea goodness such as Just Peppermint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Sleep Tight, Spi Chai and many more!
  5. For the more traditionalist tea drinker our ‘ Black’ collection of top sips is a global exploration of French Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Melbourne Breakfast, Morning Sunshine, New York Breakfast and others.

These collections and many more creative, collaborative conglomerations are also available in tea gift packs of five mini cubes, icon duos and trios, sets of six and many more in loose leaf teas, tea bags, icon tea tins and even icon tea bags IN tea tins!

What is the best tea gift pack?

Our special-tea teas are tailor made for tea lovers, especially green tea gurus, bright and bubbly breakfast tea afficionados, spicy chai guzzlers or heroic herbalists, not to mention fruity fashionistas.

When it comes to tea, more is always merrier so we think the best tea gift packages are the ones with the most tea drinking experiences! We love:

  • For The Love of Tea - boasting TEN teabags for each of NINE classic teas – that’s NINETY top-shelf teabags! We think that’s the best tea gift pack you can bestow upon a teabag drinker, hands down!
  • The Lot – a mighty gift pack also with a crafty collaboration of NINETY essential tasty teas but in loose leaf tea form for teapot brewing or directly within your teacup or tea mug with infuser.

How do you give tea as a gift?

With a smile and a hug and a gorgeous gift box filled with happiness waiting to happen! What better gifts for tea lovers than loose leaf teas or tea bags bundled into beautiful gift boxes where every cup delivers fabulous feels? Whether it be for your favourite teacher, or a corporate gift, we have options that everyone will love.

Our perfectly packaged tea-rrific tea combos give tea gifts tailored to tastes. We’re talking about collections of earthy herbals, fun fruity flavours, grassy greens and black teas for breakfasters, all included for the perfect tea choice at any time.

How do you gift tea bags?

We sure do love our not-so-humble tea bags, ready to be dunked and squeezed and strung up in their efforts to deliver hearty cups of tea!

Teabag tea gift boxes come in packs of five, ten, twenty and even ninety top teas! Beautifully boxed and ready to go, the gift of teabags never looked so good.

Where to buy tea gift sets and packs?

T2 retail stores and online stores offer sensational shopping experiences where the buying part is as much fun as the giving part! Find the perfect tea gifts in gorgeous tea gift sets and tea gift packages at any T2 ou

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