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No need to round up rogue tea leaves when you get savvy with a stainless steel mesh tea infuser. Designed to make your tea-making go swimmingly well, mesh infusers ensure no randoms crash your tea party. Our mesh stainless steel tea infusers feel right at home in your teapots, tea cups and tea infuser bottles.

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What is a tea infuser?

Tea infusers are handy little must-have brewing tools for making the perfect cup of no-fuss loose leaf tea. At T2 these tea leaf receptacles come in many exciting and different shapes and sizes, taking their rightful place in every tea-lover’s teawares set.

Not to be confused with tea strainers used to catch loose leaf tea when you pour brewed tea from teapot to teacup, tea infusers are designed to fit snugly in your teapot, tea infuser bottle or flask, and in your tea cup. Once the tea has steeped for the recommended time, take out the tea infuser and you’re set to enjoy a perfectly brewed cuppa with no stress but perfect strain!

Made from stainless steel mesh our fun and functional tea infusers are on guard to keep all the tongue-torturing floaties out of your beautiful brew, while allowing optimum water flow for maximum lip-smacking flavour.

How much tea do you put in an infuser?

Each happy herbal and bountiful black, white or green infusion tea comes with a brewing guide which tells you how much, how long and at what temperature to brew. But we all dance to different tunes, so the amount of loose leaf tea to pop into mesh infusers is really up to you.

If you’re sipping with your besties and have your gorgeous tea-for-two designer teapot with infuser out for the party, then a couple of scoops of tea in the stainless steel tea infuser is recommended. But tea gurus who like their tea power-packed and muscled up may choose to add another scoop!

How much is a scoop, you ask? Check out our tea accessories to find one of the littlest but handiest tools of the tea-making trade.  A made-to-measure T2 scoop is a good thing in a small package, ensuring the ideal amount of loose leaf tea lands in your tea infuser.

If your adventurous spirit is working its way through a variety of tantalising T2 teas in super-sampler sachet form, each sachet makes 500ml of tea, which is about two tea cups.

How to use a tea infuser bottle?

Time to hit the road? Our tea infuser bottles and flasks are for movers and groovers who can’t keep still. Slow down for just a moment to choose your style – a stainless steel tea flask for busy, active peeps or perhaps a glass tea infuser bottle for your desk.

Fab for fit and fashionable tea drinkers everywhere, tea infuser bottles have built-in mesh infusers so you can whip up your brew and take it with you all in one handy, on-the-go tea transporter. Thermally insulated, they’ll keep your tea hot for hours, and if you need a refreshing cold infusion tea they’ll oblige there too!

How to use a tea infuser travel mug?

What better way to warm away the winter chills when you’re out and about than with a cup of tea? Perfect for parental duties at sporting venues on chilly weekends, the sidelines are bearable with a trusty tea infuser travel mug cheering YOU on.

Choose from plastic or stainless steel, these thermally insulated mugs are the best way to enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea or a cold infusion tea anywhere, anytime. Use an infuser to make your cup of tea at home and once it’s brewed take out the infuser, pop on the safe and secure lid and off you go!

How to infuse tea leaves?

To infuse tea leaves simply means to brew or steep them in hot water for the optimum amount of time at a specified temperature, thus creating the perfect cup of tea.

Our trendy tea infusers are to tea like sheepdogs are to farmers, herding up all the rogue tea leaves as they float randomly around in the teapot or tea cup and preventing them for making a mad dash for freedom as the tea is poured or drunk.

Where to buy a tea infuser?

Time to purchase a tea infuser? You’ll find all sorts of stainless steel tea infusers online or instore at T2.

It might be a simply gorgeous teapot with infuser that you need, because no tea afficionado’s teawares collection is complete without one. You’ll also find super handy tea infuser mugs and tea infuser bottles to make the art of tea-making oh-so-easy.

But be warned, the decision is harder than you’d think! You might fall in love with the sheer artistry of our Chai Infuser, the brilliant bling of our Marigold Gold Infuser, or the fun designs in our stainless steel mesh ball infusers.

The all-in-one mesh Infuser Tong is a little ripper and the almost-tribal, somewhat-traditional Tea Stick doubles as a scoop and infuser – how cool is that!

A simple yet stylish basket infuser with a silicone lid might float your boat AND your tea leaves while our Merriest Infusers are sure to make you smile.

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