What is the best way to store tea?

Taming tea leaves is never easy. Between packet and pot you need to curb your loose brews and keep them under wraps in a terrific T2 tea canister. Why? Because tea likes to be kept in the dark. Tea is not a fan of bright lights or airy spaces. The consummate introvert, tea would rather hide away until you need it, and then it will dazzle and impress with its enlightening qualities.

The tea storage tins in our great range are airtight, sleek and safe for tea. Our tea tins provide the perfect home for your revered tea leaves and tea bags, keeping them flawlessly fresh so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea every time.

How to store loose leaf tea and tea bags?

Tea storage is a very important business! To preserve freshness and flavour, loose leaf tea and tea bags should be stored in high quality, airtight tea tins which keep out light, moisture, odours and air - but lock in freshness.

Useful and ubiquitous T2 tin plate tea canisters sets can be parked in your pantry for loose leaf tea and tea bag storage, but they’re also key players in your kitchen storage stage show, so display them proudly on the benchtop for everyone to see.

How long does tea keep?

Loose tea leaves and tea bags don’t really expire but they do deteriorate slightly over time so they may have a best-by date. But when stored correctly away from light, air, odours and moisture in an airtight T2 tea canister, you can preserve your tea leaves and keep them as fresh as a daisy for a very long time.

There could be a very slight and inevitable gradual loss of flavour and taste each time your tea leaves are exposed to air and light, but with T2 tantalising teas you’re sure to drink them before that happens!

Still, it’s a good idea to write the name and date of each tea onto handy T2 magnets and pop them on the tin, so you don’t mix up your French Earl Grey with your Melbourne Breakfast.

Where can I buy tea canisters?

T2’s great range of tea storage tins boast beautiful block colours to coordinate with your kitchen colour scheme.

Choose white tea canisters to go with everything, red tea canisters just because, grey tea canisters to match your stainless appliances and black tea canisters to store your black tea! Pssstt! We’re kidding - you can put any tea you like in black tea canisters.

Thinking matchy-matchy with your gorgeous T2 teawares collections and tea storage tins? Yes, we have iconic T2 designs in our tea storage sets like Eleganza, Mahabharata, Jumping Jaguars and Cakes & Flowers!

Browse the sensational range of T2 tea storage sets online and we’ll deliver to your door - or visit your local T2 store to see beautiful collections with cute tea caddies in typical T2 designer fashions. Ours are top notch, super snazzy tea tins to complement your T2 tea sets and gorgeous teawares collection.