Balance your every day with our range of wellness teas

Meet the tasty plant-powered brews keeping countless tea lovers on top of their game. There isn’t much a cuppa can’t fix with blends to help sooth sore tummies, settle tired eyes into sleep and show sneezes to the door. Explore our range of essential wellness sips and build a tea apothecary ready to handle today, and tomorrow.

Flowers in teacups Flowers in teacups Flowers in teacups Flowers in teacups

Meet the tasty plant-powered brews keeping countless tea lovers on top of their game. There isn’t much a cuppa can’t fix with blends to help sore tummies find salvation, settle tired eyes into sleep and show sneezes to the door. Explore our range of essential wellness sips and build a tea apothecary ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Stack of apples balancing with a cup of tea on top Stack of apples balancing with a cup of tea on top

Stress Relief

Enjoy some me-time with our comforting and calming Stress Relief teas and tisanes.

Press pause on the world and swap chaos for calm with the likes of The Quiet Mind, Mint Mix and Relax. Thoughtful ingredients like spearmint, lavender and adaptogenic herbs breathe a sigh of relief into even the craziest of days, helping you recentre, realign and restore your faith in humanity.

Hero ingredients


Floral • Herbaceous • Fragrant

Loved by everyone and their nanna, lavender has been used for centuries to help stress heads find equanimity. Enjoy lavender in Relax.


Fresh • Minty • Sweet

Inhale calm, exhale stress with calm-inducing spearmint. As peppermint’s chill cousin, spearmint blows stress away with its gentle yet potent relaxation skills. Taste spearmint in Mint Mix.


Earthy • Savoury • Herbaceous

As tough on stress as it is to pronounce, this ancient herb has been regarded In Ayurveda for centuries as a potent stress and anxiety buster. Find it in The Quiet Mind.


Sweet • Fruity • Crisp

We love adding apple into our de-stress blends – because what’s life without a little sweetness? Enjoy apple in The Quiet Mind.

Top tea & tisanes to try

Relaxing tea- calming
Nice taste, relaxing calming tea. Little stronger than sleep tight which is great as sometimes you just need that sort of tea to really relax. I found I needed to stick to the seeping time otherwise the flavours were a little too strong. Something I would purchase again though.
Brilliant! Please make a bulk size!
I wish you guys made this in a bigger size, having a cup of this does help with my anxiety, and tastes lovely. It's become a daily thing.
Minty Refresher
A lovely, fresh and minty tea which is perfect to enjoy in the evenings as it leaves a clean, fresh taste in the mouth and I find it is helpful for digestion.
Delicious and delicate
T2 teas are by far the best - I’ve tried others and come back because of the quality. This particular tea is really light and fresh.
A cup of tea balanced on a stack of oranges A cup of tea balanced on a stack of oranges


Find serenity with our deliciously dreamy bouquet of sleep teas and tisanes.

Swap counting sheep for a restful night’s sleep with our slumber-inducing collection. You’re in good hands with herbal wonders like valerian, chamomile, rose and lemon balm by your bedside. Blends like Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams and The Dreamer will fluff your pillows, tuck you in, and send you off to sweet dreams.

Hero ingredients


Floral. Mellow. Honey.

The queen of calm, this tender little flower is synonymous with relaxation, but also delivers a mellow, honey-like flavour profile. Try it in Sweet Dreams.


Sweet. Floral. Delicate.

Stop and smell the roses. They’re thought to soothe a weary heart, enhance a good mood and may help battle the signs of early ageing caused by stress. Try rose in Nighty Night.


Woody. Earthy. Distinct.

A little valerian goes a long way. When it comes to elusive sleep, valerian has been trusted for centuries by herbalists and naturopaths. Try it in The Dreamer.

St. John’s Wort

Mild. Bitter. Herbaceous.

The patron saint of sleep, St. John’s Wort is a revelation for weary souls. Research suggests it could be a helpful support for mood and sleep disorders. Enjoy St John’s Wort in Nighty Night.

Top teas to try

Relaxing bedtime tea
Great taste, this is my go-to of a night time. I usually need something a little stronger than a chamomile tea to help settle down for the evening.
Finally! Valerian Root for sleep!
The evidence around valerian root and sleep quality is well established and I was surprised to find no other tea containing the ingredient at T2. This tea is A GAME CHANGER! Seriously.
Delicious and dreamy
A delightful blend of chamomile, apple, silver lime flowers, lavender and rose petals. Lovely fragrant and sweet tasting tea. My new favourite sleep tea. I am in heaven after drinking this tea.
My night cap!!!
Delicious and relaxing, I have a cup of chamomile tea every night.
A tea pot balanced on sliced beetroot A tea pot balanced on sliced beetroot


Fortify your defences with our tantalising pick of Immunity teas and tisanes.

Don’t let a sniffle come between you and good health. Turn to an army of immune-supporting tisanes like Very Berry Fruitea, Lemongrass & Ginger and Turmeric Ginger Ninja. From potent berries to the healing properties of ginger and golden powers of turmeric, these blends are essential sipping for cold and flu season.

Immunity icon

Hero ingredients


Tart. Tangy. Robust.

The antioxidant-rich berry loved in folk traditions as a powerful immune supporter, elderberries are packed with vitamin C. Try it in Very Berry Fruitea.


Warming • Spiced • Fragrant

When the malaise takes hold, give it the boot with a fiery kick from ginger! Typically sipped to combat nausea, ginger’s also thought to have antibacterial powers. Taste ginger in Lemongrass & Ginger.


Earthy. Spice. Savoury.

Science is now backing up what traditional medicine has known for centuries: the curcumin in this golden child is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Find it in Turmeric Ginger Ninja.


Floral. Tart. Sweet.

The sweet little ruby jewels from the rose plant, rosehip is known for having high levels of vitamin C, and the skills to ward off any immune system invaders. Sip rosehips in Try it in Very Berry Fruitea.

Top teas to try

Love it.
Love all the flavours in this tea. Will make a nice collection to my spring/summer cold teas for work and home. The smell when brewing is divine.
Perfect for when you’re feeling ehh!
I tend to drink this tea more when I’m not feeling well physically, or just feeling ehh overall, and it seems to help. Neither the lemongrass or the ginger are too strong or overpowering. Instead, they are nicely balanced for a delicious pick-me up brew.
Super soothing
This stuff is like a warm hug for my tummy. Naturally caffeine free and has a unique earthy taste that feels really authentic. I like to drink it with a dash of milk.
A tasty tea to soothe the throat / voice
A favourite of ours. Great any time of day. Delicious but also has the added benefit of soothing a tired, dry or sore throat. Helps curb sweet cravings which is a bonus! Would recommend.
A precariously balanced tower of Matcha tea and matcha accessories A precariously balanced tower of Matcha tea and matcha accessories


Awaken your senses with our vibrant and uplifting range of Energy teas.

Tap into the power of nature with our perkiest collection yet! Whatever side of the bed you roll out of, these whole leaf teas are ready to help you seize the day. Fuel up and go for longer with ingredients like Matcha, guarana, yerba mate and robust black tea.

Hero ingredients


Grassy. Vegetal. Fresh.

Drink in the dynamic combo of caffeine and L-theanine for a slow, steady release of energy and reap all the rewards of this powdered green tea. Taste Matcha.

Black Tea

Bold. Complex. Brisk.

Millions of breakfast tea drinkers can’t be wrong. Black tea packs in plenty of natural caffeine as well as robust, bold flavours worth getting out of bed for. Enjoy black tea in Morning Sunshine.

Yerba Mate

Savoury. Vegetal. Astringent.

Trade fatigue for high vibes with the energising and mood-boosting properties of yerba mate – it’s been a staple get-up-and-go brew in South America for centuries. Try yerba mate in Wakey Wakey.


Earthy. Woody. Bitter.

Meet the perky Amazonian superfood that’ll have you swinging through the day with all the ease of Tarzan! Similar to green tea, guarana has plenty of caffeine and antioxidants. Sip it in Wakey Wakey.

Top teas to try

The best matcha
As someone who used to study tea ceremony in Kyoto Japan, this is the highest quality matcha i've been able to find in Australia! Highly recommend.
Love the flavour
Great for a morning tea nice strong flavour. Brews nicely. Rich and slightly bitter but not so much sugar is needed. Add honey if you want it sweeter.
A delicious way to start each day!
A delicious pick-me-up for any time of the day, but especially good to kick start one's day at breakfast. Surprisingly full of flavour with a nice, gentle 'wake up', thanks to its caffeine content.
Brilliant Authentic Tea!
I just love this tea and have been drinking it for years. It is so refreshing first thing in the morning. It energises me and boosts my immunity. Perfect way to start the day.
A precariously balanced tower of tummy tea ingredients A precariously balanced tower of tummy tea ingredients

Gut Health

Keep your belly happy with our soothing and redemptive range of Gut health teas and tisanes.

Enjoy another slice knowing these tummy-loving teas have your back. Whether you need a helping hand with gut health or a little support with digestion, ingredients like pu erh, peppermint, fennel and nettle deliver relief. As good to your tastebuds as they are to your belly, complete each meal with the likes of The Belly Blend, Tummy Tea and Detox.

Hero ingredients

Pu erh

Woody. Earthy. Smoky.

As a fermented tea, pu erh is thought to be high in good gut bacteria. It’s also traditionally loved in Chinese medicine as an after-dinner tonic to help with digestion and weight management. Taste the benefits in The Belly Blend.


Fresh. Minty. Sweet.

Let the cool, calm and collected menthol properties of peppermint soothe a grumbly tummy. Enjoy peppermint in Tummy Tea.


Sweet. Anise. Mild.

Calm any bloating and support healthy digestion with the anti-inflammatory traits of fennel seeds. It’s thought that anethole is the main component in fennel that gives it its soothing superpowers. Sip fennel in Detox.

Chicory root

Nutty. Earthy. Robust.

Part of the dandelion family, chicory root is known to act as a prebiotic, providing beneficial gut bacteria as well as keeping things down there, well, moving. Try chicory root in The Belly Blend.

Top teas to try

Soothing & delicious
I bought the Tummy Tea as I was having some digestive issues, I find this tea so soothing for the stomach and soothing to my soul. The stronger you make the tea, the sweeter. Natural and totally delicious.
Delicious, caffeine-free chai!
Delicious, caffeine free chai, if you brew it properly. It’s the sort of tea that is best brewed slowly, in a chai maker or saucepan, not purely with boiling water poured over the tea and left to steep.
After eating a lot of fatty foods I tend to feel quite disgusting and sick, so I had tried this tea and in short time period I felt much better. The taste of the tea is quite smooth, so if you like green teas you will like this tea.
My very best tea!
Beautiful refined tea with a true ginger taste. Perfect for nausea and tummy issues.
Tea and flowers balanced on womans head Tea and flowers balanced on womans head

Women’s Wellness

At T2, All women are women, all men are men and our non-binary family can choose their affirmation direction in a way that best affirms them. We understand that the lifelong journey of gender identity and expression is extremely individual and complex. We acknowledge that gender is a spectrum and are continually working to learn and understand how to support all humans regardless of their identity both in and out of the gender binary.

Uplifting herbal flavours that support your body from the inside out.

Let's support your body's natural processes with grounding shatavari, balancing marshmallow root and delicious raspberries found in Milk Magic and Her Balance. It's a cup for me, a cup for all stages of you.

Hero ingredients


Sweet. Earthy. Herbaceous.

Also known as the ‘queen of herbs’, this adaptogenic herb is a powerhouse in balancing hormones. Sip shatavari in Her Balance.


Sweet. Full bodied. Floral.

Deliciously caffeine-free, this sweetly floral tea with delicate sour notes has been known to reduce inflammation, boost gastrointestinal health and support general wellbeing. Taste honeybush in Be Balance.


Nutty. Sweet. Maple.

With its sweet and nutty flavour reminiscent of maple syrup, fenugreek is known to increase milk supply in some people. Try fenugreek in Milk Magic.

Marshmallow Root

Earthy. Floral. Woody.

Slightly floral with woody undertones, marshmallow root is neutral to taste. However, its properties which have been known to increase milk supply are anything but bland.