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All-new Advent

It's here: twenty -four lip-smackingly scrumptious teas and tisanes!

T2 Advent calendars T2 Advent calendars T2 Advent calendars T2 Advent calendars T2 Advent calendars

Smiles start with our all-new Advent Calendar. Including daily heart-warming affirmations, this is the perfect self-love gift to give yourself.

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Each year, we eagerly await this cult T2 icon. But this year, we can barely contain ourselves. And that’s because when compared to our previous beloved calendars, which have sold out year in, year out, you’ll notice something a little different, a little more special, about the product this year. Because after the year that has been, gifting you more reasons to smile is just the first drop in the ripple effect of greater happiness.

T2 advent

Sip your way through old faithfuls and new festive favourites this season, all housed in two different tea-books akin to that of a picture story book — one for loose leaf and one for teabags.

Keep scrolling to read more about the unique designs from T2 Buyer, Sally Morris, and T2 Lead Creative, Matt Larkin.

T2 advent

Hello to you both! Let’s get started by talking about inspiration for the product — where did your mind wander to throughout the creative process?

This festive season, we are focusing on the positivity in daily life. We wanted to remind tea lovers that there are amazing and beautiful things happening everywhere. And so, the Advent Calendar is all about bringing these little moments to life.

Out of all the illustrated daily moments that inspire smiles, do you have a favourite?

We really like the lady with her fifteen cats, and Matt’s really glad he got his dog featured in there too! But there are so many moments that we want our Sippers to discover, so we won’t give too much away.

T2 advent

Can you tell us about the new and exciting feature that awaits behind the calendar doors this year?

When you open up the door and pull out the sachet, you’ll find a little affirmation quote. And all of these have been written specifically to each tea. So, every day, you get a little note of kind words to make your day a little bit brighter!

T2 is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. How have you ensured that this product follows suit?

The cardboard is sustainably sourced and sustainably produced. And one of the things we have done this year, is to use a moulded paper pulp insert that produces less waste and doesn’t use any adhesives either. As always, our sachets are REDCycle and TerraCycle appropriate, so they can go into your ‘soft plastics’ recycle. And of course, all of our teas and 100% sustainably sourced.