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Now we're talking. Because, talking about mental health and illness has an impact.

Celebrating our Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Recognition Program

Having open conversations about mental health is key to helping those struggling and breaking down stigma.

But, these talks can be hard. Equally, it’s not always easy to know what to say.

That’s why our leaders are trained, through the Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Recognition Program, to spark conversation around mental well-being and help those in need.

We say ‘now’ because our society hasn’t always spoken about it, and this has created stigma – something that holds us back from receiving support and recognising when others need it too. Thankfully, creating spaces where we feel comfortable to talk is a huge step towards breaking stigma.

Conversation with Ash Paraskevas

We had a cuppa with Ash (@ashparaskevas), a mental health advocate, to discuss and normalise conversations on mental illness and health.

T2 is now trained in Mental Health First Aid

We think of mental illness being like any other health issues. We are all familiar with trained first aiders to help with physical injuries, but it’s just as important for us to have people to support with psychological injuries too.

That’s where Mental Health First Aid comes in – it encourages conversations about mental health and mental health conditions to become common practice in the workplace and trains leaders to be confident to have these conversations and offer support to their teams.

The T2 team talks Mental Health

Our T2 team share why they put their hand up to be trained in Mental Health First Aid, and why it is important that we create a supportive space to discuss it in the workplace.

A brewing force for good

At T2 we are continuing to raise awareness of mental health and break down the stigma associated with mental illness. We do this by:

Mental health strategy

Addressing primary, secondary and tertiary stages of mental illness prevention, at local, organisational and individual level.

Wellbeing working group

Comprised of representatives from our global workforce who are driving the Mental Health initiatives.

Recognition days

We support and promote wellbeing days throughout the year.

Safety & wellbeing committee

Our committee focuses on prevention of mental harm by monitoring reports of hazards and incidents.

Mental health first aiders

10% of our full-time workforce are trained as Mental Health First Aiders, with 30 training positions opened annually.

Employee assistance program

Supporting team members and their immediate family members.

Return to work programs

Supporting team members who need help adjusting back to work following mental health related leave.

Annual burnout survey

To review impact of strategy, and ensuring we are focusing on key impact areas.

Support services

Do you or a loved one need help? Please reach out to these resources.

Mental health support

Beyond Blue

Call 1300 22 4636


Suicide Prevention


Call 13 11 14


Domestic & Family Violence


Call 1800 737 732


LGBTQI+ peer support


Call 1800 435 799


Support services

Do you or a loved one need help? Please reach out to these resources.

Mental health support

National Care Hotline

Call 1800 202 6868 (8am-midnight)


Suicide Prevention

Samaritans of Singapore

Call 1-767


Domestic & Family Violence

AWARE (Association of Women for Action & Research)

Call 1800 777 5555


Domestic & Family Violence


Call 6555 0390


Support services

Do you or a loved one need help? Please reach out to these resources.

Crisis support


Call 0800 72 66 66


Suicide Prevention


Call 0800 543 354 or text ‘HELP’ to 4357


Domestic & Family Violence

Shine Helpline

Call 0508 744 633


LGBTQI+ peer support


Call 0800 688 5463


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