Green rose and white Jasmine tea
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Our favourite self-care rituals

How we take care of ourselves: mentally, physically, emotionally and thirst-quenchingly.

Don’t get us wrong, we love all kinds of love —romantic love, friend love, pet love and ⁤family love. But all love starts with self-love. Which takes thinking about who you want to be, and who you are now, and bridging that gap.

It takes reading and learning and eating cereal for dinner. And considering it's the season for love, we thought we'd share how we are celebrating ourselves this Valentine's Day.

Heart-warming love

Jamie Oliver on the tele, a haul of ingredients on the bench and an entire afternoon ahead of stirring. This heart-warming love is best paired with our Spicy Apple Chai brew — simply brew the sensationally spicy Chai with the home baked goodness of Apple Crumble for a match made in heaven.

Glowing love love

A hot shower, followed by all the things your dentist recommends (brush, floss, mouthwash), a double cleanse and an all-body moisturise. This glowing love routine is perfect with a cup of Just Pretty — simple brew the deliciously woodsy Darjeeling with the fragrant Just Rose for an inside to out glow.

Blooming love

An essential to feeling our best is taking a moment to stop, to process, to find calm and process the events of the day. This moment of blooming self-love is best experienced whilst sipping Flower Crown — simple brew the earthly delicious White Jasmine with the juicy, zingy Green Rose for a blooming great cup of tea.

Iconic love

Celebrating love for ourselves, by watching the greatest love stories of all time! Grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for a night of Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, or Tom Hanks. For these iconic loves, we recommend French Earl Grey with its black tea, sweet fruits, rose and a touch of bergamot. Or perhaps Strawberries & Cream with its ripe strawberries, tart hibiscus and a creamy finish.