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Pear & Butterscotch Loose Leaf 50g

Item No. T125AE033
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Dig into this decadent tea with bold pear and lashings of butterscotch – because holidays aren’t holidays without delicious desserts.
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  • Black

What’s the best part of the holiday season? Decorations? Gifts? We vote desserts. Cue: Pear & Butterscotch Tea – a rich black blend that sings of fragrant pear, topped with butterscotch and sprinkled with cinnamon. Best brewed with a dash of your favourite milk – dessert is served!

  • Loose leaf black tea with pear, butterscotch and cinnamon notes.
  • Sealed fresh inside a compostable poly bag, packed into a colourful recyclable cardboard box.
  • Perfect to drink as a sweet dessert or morning wake up.
  • Best brewed 2-4 minutes using freshly boiled water in your favourite loose leaf tea infuser. One teaspoon per cup. Perfect on its own or with milk.

From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is sustainably sourced.

Net Wt. 50g

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 9cm x 8.5cm
SKU: T125AE033
Black tea, caramel pieces (sugar, glucose syrup), cinnamon (10%), natural and artificial flavourings, pear (2%)(pear, rice flours)
brewing quantity 1 tsp per cup
brewing degrees 100°C
brewing time 2-4 mins
Learn to brew the perfect cup
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Dessert lovers, this one's for you! Brew up a steamy latte of Pear & Butterscotch for the ultimate me-time moment this festive season.

Flavour profile

For those who want their dessert sippable, this tea combines luxuriously rich pears with silky, creamy butterscotch in a smooth black tea base.

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Aroma & Taste

Sweet pear aroma with a taste of soft caramel and ripe pear, accompanied by a whisper of gentle cinnamon spice.

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Black Tea Smooth Indian black tea perfectly balances strength and softness in this beautiful blend.

Caramel It doesn't get more indulgent than having real pieces of caramel in your cup of tea!

Pear Soft and juicy pear from Turkey adds a little brightness and flavour.

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Perfect for

Latte lovers, bakers, and those who live on the sweeter side of life!

How to brew Pear & Butterscotch

  • spoon icon 1 tsp per cup
  • clock icon 2-4 min.
  • thermometer icon 100°C

    • Hot
    • Latte

    • 1

      Add 1 heaped scoop/teaspoon Pear & Butterscotch to a T2 Teamaker or infuser.

    • 2

      Add 250ml 100c water and allow to brew for 2-4 mins.

    • 3

      Once brewed, put your T2 Teamaker on top of your mug to strain or remove your infuser.

    • 4

      Add milk and sweetener of your choice to taste, and enjoy!

    • 1

      Add 2-3 heaped scoops/teaspoons of Pear & Butterscotch to a T2 Teamaker or infuser in a mug and to this add around 100ml boiling water, and brew for 3-5 minutes.

    • 2

      Heat (and froth, if you can!) 150-200ml milk of your choice.

    • 3

      Once brewed, set your T2 Teamaker over your mug or borosilicate glass, or remove the infuser if you are using one.

    • 4

      Into the brewed tea, add a sweetener of your choice (we love brown sugar or honey) and then top up with your heated milk, and enjoy!

    Pear & Butterscotch Black Tea Chocolate Truffles

    person icon Makes around 20 truffles


    • 250ml Double/Thickened cream
    • 20g unsalted butter
    • 20g Pear & Butterscotch tea
    • 100g 70% Dark chocolate
    • 100g Milk Chocolate
    • 40g Caramelised white chocolate


    • 1
      In a heatproof bowl, break up the dark and milk chocolate into small pieces and set aside.
    • 2
      In a medium saucepan, place the cream, butter and Pear & Butterscotch tea and gently bring to a boil for a few minutes.
    • 3
      Turn down the heat and continue to stir the mixture for a further 5 minutes to allow the tea to infuse fully into the cream.
    • 4
      Once infused, using a fine sieve strain the hot cream mixture over the chocolate to create a ganache.
    • 5
      Stir continuously to ensure the chocolate fully melts.
    • 6
      Once melted, transfer the liquid ganache into a shallow square dish, cover and refrigerate until firm – about 1 and a half hours.
    • 7
      Once the ganache has set, grate the 40g caramelized white chocolate into a small dish using the finest side on your grater.
    • 8
      Using a scoop or teaspoon, scoop small balls of the ganache mixture and, working quickly, roll into balls using your fingertips and roll through the white chocolate to coat.
    • 9
      Place the truffles on a plate or wide bowl and return to the fridge to set up a little further – about 30 minutes to 1 hour should do the trick.
    • 10
      Enjoy your truffles!

      Why we love this tea

      Pear & Butterscotch is so silky and delicious, it has quickly become my new favourite after-dinner treat
      - Lily Henderson

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      Pear & Butterscotch Loose Leaf 50g

      Loose Leaf