For days when you feel unsettled, nervous or simply want to unwind, relax and enjoy a rejuvenating slumber, chamomile tea is the answer! Loaded with antioxidant-rich compounds and health-boosting flavonoids, chamomile tea has been sipped on for centuries and is considered a medicinal herbal beverage across the globe. Brewed from dried chamomile flowers that resemble daisies, the tea is blended with other herbs to give connoisseurs a smooth sipping experience that tastes a little sweet and earthy, with a hint of fruitiness.

Whether you drink it alone or love to add honey, lemon or mint to create a cuppa that is uniquely yours, chamomile tea is free from caffeine — making it ideal for those who are sensitive to this stimulant or prefer to brew a cup before catching some Z’s.

What is chamomile tea, and how is it made?

UChamomile tea is a herbal infusion made from dried flowers of the chamomile plant — which belongs to the Asteraceae family. The flowering plant has dreamy white petals and a mustard-yellow centre, resembling a daisy. There are two main types of chamomile used for tea: German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).

It’s typically prepared by carefully drying chamomile flowers in hot water for several minutes. The resulting brew is 100% caffeine-free and has a mild, soothing flavour with a slightly sweet and floral aftertaste.

Chamomile tea — a soothing experience to promote deep relaxation

Chamomile tea benefits from calming and relaxing properties that make it the ideal drink to sip on in the late afternoon or before jumping into bed. Brew yourself a cup or a teapot full and enjoy the ultra-soothing benefits as you relax, unwind and ground yourself after a busy day. Aside from its mild taste with mellow notes of honey and grass, it’s caffeine-free, making it a great choice for those new to the world of tea or easily affected by stimulants.

Brewing chamomile is quite simple. For the perfect sipping experience, place some chamomile flowers into your infuser, put your infuser (or your teabag, if using bags) into the teapot or cup and let it steep for the time listed on the back of the box. Remove the infuser or teabag, and enjoy! To elevate your tea-drinking time, browse our intricately detailed teapots in vibrant hues, T2 teamakers and other must-have accessories.

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However you like to brew your batch, our teas are available in loose-leaf and teabag varieties, and pair perfectly with flavours like lavender, apple, lemongrass and spearmint.

Explore our curated collection online today to kick back and relax as you enjoy sipping on an array of different teas — and steep the chamomile tea benefits for yourself.

Note: Chamomile teas may affect people with severe pollen allergies, as the tea may be contaminated by pollen from nearby plants. Infants and young children should not drink chamomile tea, as it may be contaminated with botulism spores, similar to honey.

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