T2 Tea Sets For Every Occasion!

It is always the right time for a cuppa. Our exciting tea sets let you enjoy high quality T2 teas in fabulous style and with total tea-making ease.

What is the best tea set and which tea to accompany it?

Why stop at one tea set? Just like your wardrobe, your tea sets should be carefully selected to suit each and every tea drinking occasion!

Afternoon tea with Mum, Grandma or the Mother-in-law?

Dust off your best afternoon tea set. Take the ladies down memory lane with the nostalgic Happy Days tea set, or pucker up for sensational sips from our wide range including the Luscious Orchid Rose or Luscious Dahlia cup and saucer sets.

Best tea pick: A sophisticated cup of French Earl Grey or English Breakfast will go down a treat.

Making a morning cuppa for the tradesman?

The durable matte-look Hugo tea set or the made-in-Portugal Porto tea set are solid performers in the hands of any hardworking chap.

Best tea pick: For the early-bird tradesman a robust cup of Morning Sunshine or Scots Breakfast are just the thing. (Pssst… leave the teabag in – they love a good strong cuppa!)

High tea with the girls?

Spoilt for choice, this is the perfect occasion to show off your exclusive Adriana Picker teawares, flaunt your limited edition tea sets, or create a little pomp and ceremony by bringing out the most exclusive and inspirational T2 designs.

Best tea pick: Impress your worldly girlfriends with a choice of Chai, China Jasmine, and New York breakfast tea.

Sipping solo?

If you’re indulging in much needed me-time, then the sipping rights are all yours. Get out your blooming gorgeous botanical tea set or flaunt your prettiest florals and crook your pinkie finger – no-one’s looking! Warm your hands around your favourite tea cups – perhaps the Eleganza, Moroccan or Mystical tea sets, or maybe the chirpy and cheery yellow Basket Cup and Saucer Set will feel just right.

Best tea pick: Your favourite green tea, or healthy tea from the Wellness range designed to replenish the mind and body.

What does a tea set include?

Our simply sensational cup and saucer tea sets include the mood! Tea set artistry in limited editions and fabulous favourites takes the humble cuppa to new heights where the tasty tea and the sophisticated tea set team up to provide a wonderful tea drinking experience.

Choose gorgeous or glam, stunning or sweet, traditional or trendy tea cup and saucer sets in regular and limited editions, then complete your collection with adorable accessories. You’ll love the tea sets with teapot, super cute infusers and strainers, milk jugs and sugar bowls - the perfect tableware for your next tea party!

Why Should The Kids Have All The Tea Party Fun? Whether it’s tea for you, tea for two, or a frivolous tea party, we have the teawares needed to make your grown-up tea time fabulous fun!

What are the types of tea sets at T2?

T2 is the global home of tea, your humble cuppa served up in magnificent teawares to suit the mood, your tea party guest list, the time of day – even the weather!

T2 tea sets designed to fulfil every tea-drinker’s dreams include:


Cold and rainy out? Time for a mighty fine mug to warm your hands - and the cockles of your heart. Check out T2 tea mugs for big tea-licious brews straight from the pot, or choose tea mugs with infusers to streamline your tea making ritual.

Ready to explore the realms of tea making rituals from far and away? Venture into the world of marvellous matcha, a frothy green tea brewed and drunk in true matcha style from authentic double wall glass matcha bowls.

It’s always a good time to pop the kettle on, so Tea For One sets (and sometimes tea for two!) are a dream come true for tea drinking fans. Matching tea pots and handy infusers make your teatime rituals fabulous fun.

Our range of fine bone china tea sets, pretty porcelain tea cups and saucers, solid stoneware tea cup sets, modern tea sets and borosilicate glass tea sets suit all occasions from solo morning brews to opulent high tea parties.

How to use tea cup and saucer sets?

The art of tea-making with cups and saucers should be practiced as often as possible, ideally morning, noon and night. Follow these steps to ensure the perfect cup of tea when using tea cup sets.

  1. Put the kettle on.
  2. Assess your mood and choose which cups and saucers from your collection take your fancy right now.
  3. Take a moment to appreciate their fine qualities, exquisite patterns and colourful designs.
  4. Brew your T2 top quali-tea loose leaf tea in the matching tea pot or use an infuser in your beautiful tea cups.
  5. Pop your favourite biscuits onto the saucers then find a comfy chair to sit, sip and savour the moment!

Tea Sets For Gifts

Luxury tea sets are always welcome gifts! Treat yourself and introduce others to the gift of tea from T2.

Where to buy tea sets?

Shop from the comfort of your home and buy tea cups and saucers for yourself or others at our online store, or pop into a local T2 store near you for an exciting shopping experience.

Vintage tea sets and modern tea sets make the perfect gift, both for yourself and for someone special. Our gift range includes beautiful tea blends, tea sets for one, teacups, teapots and mugs with infusers.