Icon Tea Tins For Beautiful Kitchens

Icon tea tins are just a little bit spesh. Beautiful, picturesque, colorful and cute – they look after your tea and look gorgeous while they’re doing it!

Can you recycle tea tins?

You can recycle tea tins and repurpose them too! But with so many tealicious loose leaf teas and tea bags tempting you at T2, we bet your icon T2 tins are kept busy storing tea for as long as the kettle keeps boiling…

A tea tin goes by many names, the names recycled as easily as the tins.

Tea caddy tins are lined up at Grandma’s house, and T2 icon tins are pantry staples.

What is a tea tin?

A humble tea tin is many things:

  • The best tea storage device keeping T2 tea fresh and brewtiful!
  • Keeps your tea in the dark which, perhaps surprisingly, they prefer.
  • Gorgeously glamorous pictorials on a tin – with tea inside!

Stackable tea tins may park on a shelf in your pantry and do their job as tea storage containers with quiet confidence. But icon tea gift tins can also leap into the limelight, sashay across the stage and make a bold statement on your kitchen bench!

How long does tea stay fresh in tins?

Shhhhhhh…. loose leaf teas and teabags love to be kept in the dark! You can keep tea fresh as a daisy - or a chamomile flower, a rose, or a lavender flower… for a long, long, long time. Stored correctly, tea has an incredibly long shelf life. And ‘correctly’ means in the best tea tins – deep, dark and mysterious - from T2.

What gift icon tin should I buy?

Do you have a favorite tea? Are you a black tea / breakfast tea lover? Or a green tea guru? Perhaps you’re rather partial to a drop of French Earl Grey – or maybe you like bold bright and beautiful fruit tisanes. Good news! There is a gift icon tin to match lots of top-selling T2 brews.

Are icon tea tins a good gift?

Gift tins are a great gift idea. Not only does your lucky gift recipient receive a picturesque tea tin, but it’s filled with tea too!

Take a peek - who could not find these icon tea tins bursting with tea totally fabulous gifts?

And don’t worry, there are lots more – everybody’s favorite teas can be safely stashed in a matching T2 icon tea tin.

How to keep tea fresh

Empty your loose-leaf teas into plain or matchy-matchy tea tins. Choose icon tins or tall or medium tea storage tins for large everyday packs like breakfast teas, and medium or small tea tins for your special-tea teas like chai or yummy tea lattes.

You can leave the tea in the bag and place the bag in the tea tin, or discard the 100% recyclable packaging and tip the loose leaf tea or tea bags directly into the tea storage tin.