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Indulge your tastebuds in luscious new tea flavours crafted with gourmet tea blends. Explore new teas – they make fab tea gifts - or add them to your own tea stash!

New Tea Flavours At T2 - Discover Tea Done Differently


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New Brews to Choose!

Discover the latest and greatest in new tea flavours straight from the teapot’s spout. The newest cool collabs and steamy hot sensations to woo gourmet tea drinking afficionados are brewing right here…

What are the best new tea flavours?

Stay tuned for the latest herbal infusions, new iced tea flavours, breaking news on breakfast tea blends, green tea greetings and so many more! Some of our new tea flavours do an encore, earning the best new tea badge with repeat 5-star performances:

  • Warm and spicy Baxter’s Buns Loose Leaf Feature Cube always makes a comeback as a best new tea flavour.
  • Known for its ability to calm the farm, The Quiet Mind has lobbed onto the new tea list in handy teabag gift cube form.
  • The Jasmine Pear Loose Leaf Feature Tin is a dazzling newcomer for green tea drinkers.
  • Everyone’s favourite, the jammy Lamington Loose Leaf Feature Cube will always stick around.
  • Horchata, Mexi-cola and Papaya Lime have sashayed their sassy way onto the new tea list with colourful style and flavoursome flair!

New tea gift packs and new teawares

Accompanying the latest new tea flavours are inspired new teawares created with an intoxicating sense of scintillating style, and exciting new tea gift packs with delightful new combos in colourful packs.

What are the most popular new teas?

Because variety is the spice of life our creative tea team are always perfecting new tea blends proving popular teas with T2 fans.

Baxter’s Buns Loose Leaf Tea is an especially popular Easter brew with spicy notes reminiscent of hot cross buns. A comforting introduction to winter, Baxter’s Buns and the jammy, chocolatey, sweet tea flavours of Lamington each produce a cup of tea with sweet and spicy aromatics tingling with typical black tea bodacious body.

New tea blends to try

Exciting new fruit tea and herbal tea blends include:

  1. Mexi-cola Loose Leaf Flavoured Fruit Tisane is receiving rave reviews as a new iced tea flavour reminiscent of old-school cola flavours minus the fizz. Refreshing, spicy and bold, drunk hot or cold Mexi-cola hits the mark.
  2. Jasmine Pear Loose Leaf Feature Tin is a whimsical creation, a fusion of soft pear notes understudied by fragrant jasmine green tea. A winner by anyone’s standards.
  3. Olé! Horchata is a Mexican-inspired loose leaf flavoured green tea and oolong tea blend. This creamy, spicy and sweet tea will dance across your tastebuds!

What is the best tea to start with?

The best tea to introduce to a newbie tea drinker depends on where their personal taste lies. A solid and dependable English Breakfast tea may hit the mark, but a sweet-tooth person may just love a fruit tisane such as Apple Crumble or Packs A Peach.

Green tea drinking newbies will find Jasmine Pear, China Jasmine and Green Rose gentle introductions, while health and fitness freaks will love the T2 Wellness range bursting with health benefits.

With our new tea selections spanning many tea types, even newbies to tea drinking may find these exciting introductions quite delightful.

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