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T2 Palazzo Teaset Collection on a table


Bring your tea party to life with mesmerizing colours and decadent 24k gold details.

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T2 midsummer magic Teaset Collection on a table

Midsummer Magic

Featuring 24k gold details, this blooming fine bone china collection makes for an elegant high tea adventure.

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T2 Isola Teaset Collection on a table


Channel the bohemia of the ‘60s with this elegant and eclectic stoneware collection.

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T2 Deco Dazzler Teaset Collection on a table

Deco Dazzler

Pour up decadence with this glimmering, gold-accented borosilicate glass collection.

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T2 Luscious Lily of the Valley Teaset Collection on a table

Luscious Lily of the Valley

Crafted from fine bone china, this Lily of the Valley-inspired collection is equal parts luxurious and lovely.

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T2 Calypso Crush Teaset Collection on a table

Calypso Crush

Crafted from 100% borosilicate glass, this collection serves up fruity fun with every sip.

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T2 Lilac Hammered Glass Teaset Collection on an outdoor table

Lilac Hammered Glass

Inspired by coral found in rock pools, these pearl-like pieces have a surreal sparkle to them.

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T2 Deep Sea Darling Teaset Collection on a tray

Deep Sea Darling

Made from high-quality porcelain with gold details, this will make your next tea moment go swimmingly.

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T2 High Tea Hijinks Teaset Collection on a tray

High tea Hijinks

Do high tea differently with fine bone china, featuring 24k gold details and whimsical designs.

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T2 Vintage Vibes Remix Teaset Collection on a tray

Vintage Vibes Remix

Such a vibe! A little bit nostalgic and a little bit luxe ­– this fine bone china collection is the perfect addition to teatime.

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Onyx teawares


Gleaming perfection! Teapots, cups and saucers made with premium gold details and fine bone china.

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Sharing tea poured from the T2 Marigold Soul Teapots

Marigold Soul

Flowers are always good for the soul, and this marigold adorned teawares collection is no exception.

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T2 Hammered Glass Teaset Collection on a tray

Hammered Glass

Show off the gorgeous colours of your tea with these enduring, borosilicate glass beauties.

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T2 Bee Moroccan Teaset Collection on a tray

Bee Moroccan

Teatime is as sweet as honey with this bee adorned collection made from 100% borosilicate glass.

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T2 Twist n Sip teawares

Twist n Sip

Sparkly, swirly and bound to make every sip a special occasion. Available in glistening pink and teal borosilicate glass.

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 T2 Bing Bang Bloom teawares

Bing Bang Bloom

So adorable! So giftable! Fine bone china blooming with a collage of daisies and golden details.

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 T2 Luscious Protea teawares

Luscious Protea

Peek through the proteas, and you’ll spot gumnuts! Made with fine bone china and 24k gold details.

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Ombre Brights collection

Ombre Brights

Give your high tea moment a modern-day refresh with three bold and trending colours.

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Portuguese Tiles Remix collection

Portuguese Tiles Remix

Fine bone china adorned with vibrant patterns illustrated meticulously by our T2 design team.

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T2 Spiral Kaleidoscope Teaset Collection

Spiral Kaleidoscope

Vivid colours and 24k gold details on fine bone china will make your daily cup of tea mesmerizing.

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T2 Dazzling Diamonds Teaset Collection

Dazzling Diamonds

Like a gorgeous gem! Teapots, cups and saucers made with premium 100% borosilicate glass.

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Discoco Teaset Collection


Sip like a debutant with these fine bone china teawares. Inspired by the head-turning Rococo patterns with a colourful, disco twist.

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Array of Magic Carpet Remix teawares

Magic Carpet Remix

An enchanting adventure starts here, with technicoloured patterns inspired by carpet weaving techniques and shimmering 24k gold.

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Array of Brooke Sutton teawares

Brooke Sutton

Sip with our collaboration from Kalkadoon Aboriginal artist, Brooke Sutton. Each vibrant piece bursts with rich stories of community and connection.

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Array of Blooms & Shrooms teawares

Blooms & Shrooms

Head deep into the forest of fantasies. A collection of botanical teawares to spur on imagination, designed of fine bone china for longterm loving.

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Array of Vintage Vibes teawares

Vintage Vibes

Eye candy for the sentimental soul, our Vintage Vibes collection dresses fine bone china with nostalgic prints and retro hues for a darling throwback.

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Array of Moroccan Tealeidoscope teawares

Moroccan Tealeidoscope

Boxed and ready to go, there’s only one word to describe this collection: iconic.

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Array of Australianarama teawares


Adorned with fur, feathers and flora, these porcelain pieces feel equally at home in your place as what they do amongst the gumtrees.

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Ombre Opulence Teaset Collection

Ombre Opulence

Experience the crowning glory of teatime. Opulent colours of regal blue, delicate pink and peacock green are splashed across long-lasting fine bone china, and hand-detailed with 24 karat gold. It’s an extravagant gift to give, or gift to take for yourself. We won’t tell anyone!

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Discover the wonder that is Morocco

Discover the wonder that is Morocco

Going near is the new far. And whilst this is so, escape to the colourfully chaotic bazaars of Marrakesh. In the palm of your hands is a ticket to kaleidoscopic shapes, vibrant colours and the indescribable buzz of controlled chaos. Sippers, prepare for take-off.

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Boxed Icon Mugs teaset collection

Boxed Iconic Mugs

Matched to your favourite T2 teas, these mugs are inspired by the vibes of some of our most popular teas.

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