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When the hot summer sun sees temperatures rising, chill out with cold brew tea bags and chilly loose tea cold brews at T2! Cold brew iced teas made with cold water and high quality tea leaves are refreshingly good herbal tea, fruit tea and green tea splashes to sip until sunset.

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Picture a warm summer day lounging in the sun with your favourite book and the smell of a smoky barbeque sizzling away. The only thing missing is an icy cold brew tea to satiate your thirst. Whether you prefer a sweet, fruity tea treat or a zing of citrus goodness to cleanse the palate, we have it all at T2.

What is cold brew tea?

If you’re a tea lover, why not enjoy a refreshing take on the traditional hot tea during those warmer months? Traditionally, cold brew tea is a slow and gentle process where tea is steeped in water in the refrigerator for hours. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making time to brew your own batch of cold brew tea can be challenging.

At T2, we’ve made the process a lot easier with our delightful range of treats waiting for you to taste them for yourself — it’s as easy as brewing our tea bags in cold water for 10 minutes!

We travel all around the world to find the best quality tea to deliver nothing short of excellence every time, from tea leaf to cup. Our whole tea leaves will retain their flavour with minimal breakage. By using whole tea leaves rather than low-grade tea dust, you will experience delicious waves of flavour with every sip.

The history of cold brew tea

The roots of cold brew tea reach back centuries — with the Japanese traditionally steeping cold brew tea for hours — typically 6 to 24 hours! The contemporary resurgence of cold brew tea is a testament to the evolving palate of tea drinkers across the world.

At T2, we’ve embraced this historical method and infused it with a modern twist to make the refreshing sensation of cold brew tea far more accessible for all tea lovers, from busy workers to parents rushing to tick off their to-do lists for the day. At T2, our cold brew tea offers a nod to the past while paving the way for a convenient way to enjoy a refreshing cold brew.

Discover our best-selling cold brew tea at T2

From sweet, fruity concoctions to a flavourful citrus punch, what’s not to love with T2’s selection of cold brew classics? Check out our range and see for yourself why you should add our cold brew blends to your shopping list:

  • Peachberry Cold Brew — Drink this peachy goodness any time of the day, overflowing with bright raspberry notes paired with insatiable, juicy peach. We’ve also included delicate hints of hibiscus and rosehip to delight your taste buds.
  • Mango Mint Cold Brew — Transport yourself to your favourite tropical destination, sipping on an oh-so-sweet flavourful fusion of mango paired with warm ginger notes, lemongrass and mint. This cold brew mint tea offers a crisp sensation that will linger on your taste buds after each sip.
  • Citrus Zing Cold Brew — If you’re a fan of citrus, you can’t miss this blend that will leave you reaching back for more. Relish the taste of lemon notes combined with a delicately tart white hibiscus and thyme finish. Made with real fruit pieces, natural flavours and unsweetened and caffeine-free goodness to enjoy at any time of day.

How to make cold brew tea

While making cold brew tea from scratch is a longer, more arduous process, it’s made easy when it comes to T2. Follow the below steps to make a cold brew tea from our incredible range:

  1. Fill a glass with cold water and add in your tea bag.
  2. Allow your tea bag to steep for 10 minutes in the cold water.
  3. Remove your tea bag from the water and top your glass with ice.
  4. Garnish your glass with fruits for some extra flavour.
  5. Enjoy!

Add a new tea treat to your shelf with T2’s cold brew tea

What better way to cool down than by enjoying our refreshing cold brew teas at T2? Whether you want a delicious treat to look forward to in the afternoon or a tasty beverage to treat your guests to, no one makes cold brew tea quite like T2. Serve our cold brew with our iced tea jugs, enjoy iced tea on the go with our tea infuser bottles and pour a tall glass of iced tea in our tea glasses. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would gladly assist.


What's the best tea-to-water ratio for making a cold brew?

A common and effective tea-to-water ratio for cold brew tea is 1:4. This means using 1 part cold brew loose-leaf tea leaves or tea bags to 4 parts cold water. Feel free to adjust the ratio based on your preference. You can opt for a stronger brew by increasing the tea quantity or a milder taste by diluting it with more water. Cold brew tea typically requires a longer steeping time, ranging from 6 to 12 hours in the refrigerator. Experiment with ratios and steeping times to find the perfect balance for your desired flavour profile.

When you buy cold brew tea from T2, it’s as easy as steeping your tea bag for 10 minutes in a tall glass of cold water and topping it with ice and fruit to garnish.

Is cold brew or hot brew better?

The preference between cold brew and hot brew tea depends on your personal taste and desired flavour profile. Cold brew tea tends to be smoother and less bitter and often highlights the natural sweetness of the tea leaves. It's a refreshing option, especially in warmer weather. On the other hand, hot brew tea offers a more traditional and robust flavour.

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