Say Thanks To Teachers With a Capital Tea

When it’s time to say thank you to wonderful teachers who go above and beyond, there’s no better way to say a big THANKS than with a capital Tea.

What are the best gifts for teachers?

TEAchers love TEA. And apples apparently. Visit the heavenly haven of all things tea AKA your local T2 store – or take the easy route and shop at T2 online to find a spectacular plethora of tantalising tea gifts your favourite teachers will adore.

So, which great gifts for teachers might earn you five gold stars and a smiley face stamp? Try these:

What should you get teachers for end of year gifts?

By the end of the year your weary teachers need tip-top tea gifts to help them rest, recover and recharge during their much-needed end of year break.

Some great teas to renew, revive and replenish hardworking teachers include:

  1. Tea latte packs – super smooth and creamy sipalicious tea lattes in 10 pack gift boxes.
  2. Wellness teas – a full range of healthy teas to nurture in the way it’s needed most.
  3. Merry Christmas teas such as the Flavour Festival gift box featuring festive tea flavours.
  4. T2 Digital Gift Cards – ‘cos teachers love to go shopping when they’re let out of school!

How do I choose a gift for teachers who love tea?

Our tealicious collection of the best gifts for teachers who love tea is full to the brim with the cups overflowing!

The best gifts for tea lovers include special-tea teas that are here today and gone tomorrow from our Limited Editions tea collection, perhaps some new and unexplored Tea Latte Powders or maybe the latest and greatest hot-off-the-teapot teas in our New Teas range.

Of course the primary school or high school teacher who loves tea also loves teawares, so maybe spoil him or her with a gorgeous Tea For One Set or a super cool Tea Mug with Infuser.

Choosing the right tea flavour for gifts

There is no ‘wrong’ tea flavour for gifts. Great gift ideas for teachers include assorted tea gift packs with different tea types, or different flavours within the same tea type – a fun-filled flavour festival right there! But maybe you need:

  1. Christmas gifts for teachers
  2. Easter gifts
  3. Thank-you gifts
  4. Appreciation gifts
  5. End of year presents for school or day-care teachers

If so, you can tailor some tea flavours to suit the occasion. Try the fruity-spicy tastes of Baxter’s Buns for a fabulous Easter tea treat, Christmas specialty tea gift packs or customised gift packs. These personalised gifts for teachers let you choose the tea tastes your think will tickle your teacher’s tastebuds the most!

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