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Melbourne Breakfast

As cool, timeless and eternally chic as the city itself, Melbourne Breakfast is a black tea lover’s dream.

With our roots in Melbourne, we knew our tea collection would never be complete without a brew that personifies the city that started it all.

Inspired by Melbourne, Melbourne Breakfast is a medium-bodied black tea laced with vanilla. Like our hometown, it’s classic and eternally cool, with a twist of something extra. It’s the equivalent of the all-black Melbourne uniform – goes with everything, and always makes an impression.

Robust enough to wake you up, Melbourne Breakfast earns its place as our most popular breakfast tea because it’s not too sweet, yet indulgent enough to get you out of bed, even on the woolliest of Melbourne mornings. The vanilla is sweet, earthy and prominent, pairing perfectly with porridge or the ubiquitous avo on toast. For those mornings when you just need something a little extra, maybe a big day ahead or a lazy Sunday, Melbourne Breakfast will deliver a cup filled with bold flavour and timeless charm.

A cup of Melbourne Breakfast A cup of Melbourne Breakfast A cup of Melbourne Breakfast

Our sommelier says

“The simplicity of this blend is where its power lies. Sometimes you don’t have to complicate things in life.”
- Michelle

What started out as an ode to our stomping ground ended up being the catalyst for our range of breakfast teas. As we expanded across Australia, and later the world, we began developing brews that immortalised the various cities we settled in.

Melbourne Breakfast is the classic vanilla-infused black tea of the bunch. As Australia’s big smoke, Sydney Breakfast offers smoky notes with a hint of bergamot. Canberra Breakfast took inspiration from ANZAC biscuits, Adelaide Breakfast is a nod to wine country and Brisbane Breakfast delivers a tropical mango take. Like the cities themselves, each one has its own personality, bringing something totally different to your cup. While we love them all, there’s just something about our beloved Melbourne Breakfast that’ll always feel like home.