Lip-smacking, toe-curling, delightfully delicious fruit teas come in a rainbow of fave flavours! Whether you’re a bouncy berry lover, a citrus squeezer or the apple of someone’s eye, you’ll be hitting the refresh button with our assorted loose leaf teas and tea bags in fab fruity toots!

Is fruit tea good for you?

Think fruit tea flavours like mango, watermelon, apple, peach, papaya and pomegranate for the freshest hit of juicy iced fruit teas or steamy hot, sweet brews. Overflowing with goodness, dried fruit tea is loaded with lush lovelies to refresh and hydrate.

When considering the benefits of fruit tea we’re talking about a humble cup of tea bursting with vitamins and minerals – how good can it be! T2 offers teas specifically for your wellness goals.

Does fruit tea have caffeine?

Is there caffeine in fruit tea? Not a drop!

Teas containing caffeine come from the camellia sinensis plant, like black tea or green tea. The best fruit teas and herbal teas are simply made from delicious dried fruits, herbs and spices such as apples, vanilla, cinnamon, berries, citrus fruits, stone fruits and more! The perfect after dinner cuppas, fruit tisanes and herbal tisanes won’t keep you up all night.

How to make fruit tea

T2 packaging provides a brewing guide, which for a hot fruit tea cuppa is usually a scoop of loose leaf tea – or a fruit tea bag - brewed for 3-5 minutes at 100°C, but it may vary from tea to tea.

The T2 Jug-A-Lot is the perfect vessel to use for making sipalicious iced fruit tea. Make a splash at your next pool party with a tealicious jug of refreshing iced tea, brewed right there in the jug with ice and fresh fruit slices added. Oooh-la-la – that’s one delicious bevvie!

The Jug-A-Lot has a diffuser for loose leaf fruit teas, but you can also throw in fruit tea bags if that’s what you’ve got in your tea stash.

Is fruit tea good for weight loss?

When that sweet-tooth sugar craving is niggling away, try a healthy fruit tea to stave off the craves. Naturally sweet and sumptuous, sugar-free fruit teas are loaded with lusciousness sending fruity tingles to tickle your tastebuds. No added sugar and no milk make fruit tea recipes the best dessert on your weight loss menu.

Can you drink fruit tea when pregnant?

Considering fruit tea and pregnancy, it’s always wise to take any drinks in moderation. Check the labels for ingredients which may be deemed potentially harmful for pregnant women. Most fruit teas are likely safe to drink in moderation during pregnancy, but always check for herbal ingredients which may not be recommended while bubs is still brewing!

Does fruit tea stain teeth?

It’s the tannins in drinks like coffee and black tea which stain your teeth. Fruit teas are a great alternative if teeth staining is a worry for you. Like everything in life, moderation is the key, but while fruit teas generally don’t stain teeth, when drunk to excess they could damage tooth enamel.