Save Your Cash and Increase Your Tea Stash in the T2 Tea Sale!

There’s no better time than during a T2 tea sale to fill your tea storage tins with loads of loose leaf teas and tea bags, buy the latest tea gadgets and tea accessories, and splash out on stunning tea sets!

What is the best selling tea?

Right around the world there are blooming beautiful blends of best selling black teas, green teas, herbal tea, floral and fruit tisanes.

The whole world agrees that:

  1. English Breakfast (including New York Breakfast and Melbourne Breakfast)
  2. Earl Grey
  3. Chai
  4. Matcha and Green Tea
  5. Chamomile
  6. Peppermint
  7. Jasmine
  8. Ginger and Turmeric

are just some of the popular teas that take home the gold medals as crowd favorites in the top tea race. But when you find the world’s finest teas on sale, it is the perfect time to top up the tea caddies and then add a few newcomers to your T2 tea stash.

What is the most popular tea bag?

Some tea lovers enjoy a good dunking, so with tea bags on sale they’re ready to splish-splosh their way to creating the same hearty brews as the lovers of loose leaf teas do.

Our biodegradable, plastic-free tea bags are made from environmentally sustainable plant-based sources. It’s a tearrific day when everyone’s favorite green tea bags, black tea bags, herbal and fruit tisanes in tea bag form are on sale too.

Some of our most popular tea bags include:

  • English Breakfast tea bags and New York Breakfast tea bags
  • French Earl Grey tea bags
  • Sleep Tight tea bags
  • Gorgeous Geisha green tea bags
  • Packs A Peach, Just Peppermint and Just Chamomile tea bags…

so shop online or instore and bag yourself some great savings while you can!

Should I buy tea on sale?

Absolutely you should! In fact, you should buy oodles of tea when it’s on sale because it keeps for ages in our specially crafted T2 tea storage tins.

Whenever they pop up in our range of sale price teas, why not dibble and dabble in some specialty brews, like a handy stash of Detox tea, rich and red African Rooibos tea, gloriously-good Wellness teas or blissful Japanese blends and spicy cinnamon brews?

Tea collections on sale

When it’s tea sale time at T2 you won’t just find luscious loose leaf teas and tea bags on sale, our treasured teawares and tea accessories wriggle their way onto the super sale shelves too! 

The perfect time to buy exquisite teawares is during our teapot sale and our teacup sale which happens to coincide with our tea infusers on sale and of course our tealicious teas too… because it’s one big, cheerful, all-encompassing, tea-rrifically tempting T2 tea sale!

So what exactly might you find in a T2 tea sale? The stuff tea lovers’ dreams are made of, like:

and of course oceans and oceans of glorious TEA!