Tea Scoops and Teaspoons – Little Tea Treasures

Gorgeously glam T2 tea scoops and teaspoons do their important job with scintillating style! Discover the down-to-business perfect tea scoop, specialty scoops for authentic matcha moments and dainty little dazzlers – pretty teaspoons to embellish your tea party.

What is a tea scoop?

A tea scoop is a treasured little tea tool with big responsibilities!

T2 tea scoops deliver precisely perfect amounts of tea into your teapot, T2 tea maker, T2 Jug-a-Lot or tea mug with infuser - so you brew a 10/10 cup of tea every time.

Showing great depth and a serious side, T2 tea scoops are built differently to teaspoons. Tea scoops have the same capacity as frivolous teaspoons but their design provides better delivery, leaving teaspoons to be the stirrers in your teawares team.

Why use a tea scoop?

Buy tea scoops from T2 and you’ll find they are well-rounded characters. Using a tea caddy spoon or scoop for tea is the best way to safely deliver the precious loose leaf tea leaves from the tea storage tin to the teapot, without spilling a speckle of tea.  

How big is a tea scoop?

The loose leaf tea scoop size or capacity is the same as a teaspoon, so one scoop of tea is equal to one teaspoon of tea.

The actual tea scoop size varies depending on the design. The ‘Perfect Scoop’ measures 14 cm long, the Bamboo Scoop is 11 cm long and the Matcha Bamboo Scoop is 18.7 cm long.

How much is a perfect spoon of tea?

Tea tastes vary, so the perfect tea measuring spoon is hard to define. Try a heaped teaspoon for tea lovers who like a rugged and robust brew, and a small teaspoon size for more subtle sips… but then it also depends on the strength of the tea. The rule of thumb is one teaspoon or scoop per cup of tea.

Different designs for tea scoops and teaspoons

Because all tea moments are important, discover sustainable bamboo and stainless steel tea scoops and teaspoons for everyday teas and special occasions too:

  • Take your tea party to next level with oh-so-stylish T2 hammered teaspoons in stainless steel with gold, rose gold and silver teaspoon designs.
  • Super cute and brightly colored bamboo tea scoops made from resin and sustainable bamboo fibers are great for everyday use.
  • The Perfect Scoop combines stainless steel with a silicone handle.
  • Buy the perfect tea scoops for your Japanese tea ceremonies at T2 where matcha bamboo scoops and other matcha accessories add serious authenticity to matcha

How do you make tea with loose leaf tea?

  1. Boil the kettle and add a little water to warm the teapot. Swish and discard.
  2. Use your T2 loose leaf tea scoop or teaspoon to add one spoonful of loose leaf tea per cup to your teapot, tea maker or tea mug.
  3. Pour in boiling water at the recommended temperature to the required level.
  4. Brew for the recommended time.
  5. Pour the tea with added milk, honey, lemon or sugar if desired.
  6. Relax, sip and savor your tea moments!