Sen-sational Sencha Green Tea

Sassy Sencha is a fun-in-the-sun loose leaf green tea set to delight the sen-ses with flavours ranging from grassy green and earthy, to sweet, vibrant and refreshing!

What is Sencha?

Sencha is a fragrant green tea, Sencha stems from the dried tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. While some green teas are grown partly shaded like Matcha and Gyokuro, Sencha tea plants get their unique flavour from time spent lapping up a little sunshine.

At T2 you’ll find different types of Sencha teas including:

Chinese Sencha boasts glorious emerald green tea leaves, while Japanese Sencha sashays into your teacup with fresh and vibrant flavours. Japanese GMC Sencha (General Mai Cha) pops with nutty aromas from the inclusion of roasted brown rice while Sencha tea bags are an easy way to dunk and delve into green tea goodness.

In terms of strength, Sencha green tea sits on the fence between black tea and white tea, less oxidised than black tea but more oxidised than white tea. While Jasmine green tea is highly fragrant, Sencha tea prefers a more subtle approach. It is a popular brew throughout the world and a proud resident on our tea lovers’ best seller’s list.

Matcha vs Sencha

Similar in name and nature, their difference lies in their form. Matcha is a powdered green tea perfect for lattes whereas Sencha is a loose leaf tea made from dried tea leaves.

Does Sencha tea have caffeine?

While you may think green tea is caffeine free, in fact all teas harvested from camellia sinensis tea plants contain caffeine. Due to differing tea production methods, green teas like Sencha have less caffeine than black tea which has less caffeine than coffee.

How do you brew Sencha?

A popular Japanese tea, drinking Sencha can be a serious occasion. Begin by whipping out your:

Along with other members of the green tea family sensitive Sencha likes to dilly-dally in 80°C water so pop one teaspoon of loose leaf tea into your preferred tea-making vessel and brew for between 1-3 minutes to make the best Sencha tea.

Is Sencha green tea healthy?

Supercharged Sencha provides a rich source of antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins as well as vitamins and minerals. Studies suggest the health benefits of Sencha green tea may include weight loss along with a reduction in the risk of many health conditions and diseases.

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What is the best Sencha green tea?

If you take tea in Japan you’ll find the tea of choice includes Matcha, Sencha and Gyokuro with Sencha tea benefits widely proclaimed. Here at T2 we like to think ALL our Sencha green teas from Chinese Sencha to Japanese Sencha are the best!

A delicious hot brew, cold brew Sencha is also a refreshing way to hydrate during hot weather.