Tea For One Sets – Sophisticated Solo Sipping!

Take a moment and take the serenity of tea-sipping solitude to new heights when you treat yourself to iconic T2 teawares specially designed for sensational solo brews. Perfectly practical and beautifully bedecked tea for one sets announce the tea lover’s intention to sip in salacious style no matter that nobody’s looking!

What is included in a tea for one set?

Both tea for one sets and tea for two sets flaunt fabulous flair and fine form in a perfect pairing, where a teapot set and matching teacup set meet and come together as one in stylish synchronici-tea.

The perfect present for tea lovers and the ideal way to treat yourself, a T2 tea for one set combines a teapot with a stainless steel infuser and a tea cup. This TEAm fits together like a glove, the teapot resting within the teacup and keeping it toasty warm while the tea brews.

While tea cups and saucers enjoy a happy marriage, some tea for one sets have teacups that embrace the single life, finding enough companionship with the teapot, sans saucer.

How do you use a tea for one set?

Simply sensational tea for one brewing is easy:

  1. Add one scoop of your favourite tea to the teapot infuser.
  2. Add boiling water at the recommended temperature and sit the teapot for one upon the teacup to brew for the recommended time.
  3. Pour the tea into the tea cup and enjoy special tea moments along with precious me time.

How do I choose a tea for one set?

Firstly, feast your eyes upon the exquisite T2 collection of artfully crafted and breathtakingly beautiful porcelain tea pots and their soulmate, the matching tea cup and saucer. Admire their artistry and know that your job won’t be easy, for every tea for one set could steal a piece of your heart.

If you’re choosing a fine bone China tea for one set for yourself, splash out, splurge and enjoy the moment! If you’re shopping for a tea for one gift set as gifts for tea lovers, relax in the knowledge that they’ll love whichever set you choose.

You can be sure you’ve chosen the best tea for one gift set when:

  • It feels smooth, cool and comforting in your hands.
  • Your eyes get as much enjoyment from the tea for one set as you know your tastebuds will from the tea!

You’ve found the perfect size tea for one set in the collection that ranges from a generous 510ml teapot to a dainty 450ml teapot, and matching teacups from 250ml to 300ml.

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