Tea Infusers & Tea Strainers: Tools for Fuss-Free Loose Leaf Tea Drinking

How do you stop rogue and random tea leaves from gate-crashing your tea party? By arming yourself with bodyguards in the form of fabulously fun and functional T2 tea strainers and tea infusers!

What is a tea strainer?

Expertly crafted in stainless steel and mesh, tea strainers are tea-making toolkit items for lovers of loose leaf tea.

Strainers for tea are as important to tea drinkers as sheepdogs are to farmers - they control the smooth and orderly delivery of loose leaf brewed tea from teapot to teacup. The end result is a perfect cup of tea with no pesky tea leaves on the loose!

What is a tea infuser?

Tea infusers are tea strainer’s TEAm mates. Tea strainers and tea infusers work in different ways to achieve the same result:

  1. A hot and hearty cup of brewed tea is poured from teapot to teacup through a tea strainer such as the T2 Gold Leaf Strainer.
  2. A stainless steel tea infuser works within your tea infuser pot or tea infuser mug, capturing and containing the tea leaves within the tea-making vessel.

T2 tea infusers and tea strainers

Buy tea strainers and loose leaf tea infusers from T2 and you’ll find a cute collection of tried-and-true, trusted tealeaf controllers!

T2 tea infusers and tea strainers come in various designs, including:

  • Merriest Infusers in different colors, fitting directly into teapots, teacups and tea mugs.
  • T2 Tea Sticks, just perfect for camping, picnics or easy loose-leaf brews whenever, wherever.
  • Mesh Tea Infuser Balls, large and small with fun charms attached.
  • Mesh Infuser Tongs demonstrating the fine art of simplicity.
  • T2 Leaf Strainers crafty designs paying homage to the humble tea leaf.

How does a tea strainer work?

Tea strainers for cups prevent tea leaves from marring the perfect cup of tea. Tea strainers capture leafy escapees and uninvited tea party guests whilst the tea is being poured.

The alternative? Tea infusers of course!

  1. Pop a scoop of tea leaves into the built-in tea infuser within your teapot for fuss-free one-stop brewing and leaf-free pouring.
  2. Add tea leaves and boiling water to a teacup or mug with tea infuser and lid, simply removing the infuser from the teacup or mug when the tea has brewed.

How much tea do you put in an infuser?

The amount of tea to add to the infuser depends on the design, the vessel you’re brewing in, and how strong you like your tea:

  • If brewing in a teapot with a built-in infuser add a scoop of tea for each cup you are making, depending on taste.
  • If brewing directly in a tea infuser mug add one scoop – more if you like strong tea.
  • If you’re using a tea infuser ball within a teapot or cup, fill the bottom half of the tea infuser ball before closing the lid

How to use a tea infuser bottle?

Glass tea infuser bottles and metal tea infuser flasks are perfect for drinking hot tea or iced tea on the go. Add loose leaf tea to the infuser, add the hot water and let it steep. Depending on the tea you are making, you can remove the infuser once the tea is brewed, or leave it in.

Are metal tea infusers safe?

Yes, in fact stainless steel tea strainers and infusers are perfect for loose leaf tea! Safe and durable, stainless steel won’t interfere with the flavor of your tea.