What are tea mugs made of?

Muscled-up tea mugs are the strong guys in your teawares collection. While they’re solid and dependable through and through, they’re still made from the same stuff our little-finger-crooking tea party tea cups are made of – fine bone china, porcelain, stoneware and glass – but with a bit more oomph, heartier handles for feisty fingers, and minus the fussy extras like saucers.

What is the best mug for tea?

Deciding on what constitutes the best mug for tea is all about the fit, the look, and the right size for you.

Fine bone china tea mugs in creative T2 designs like the gorgeously glamorous Adriana Picker Pretty Mug or marvellous and magical Mystic Carpet Ride tea mug in Emerald, Sapphire or Rose might be your cup of tea, but others might prefer to dive into a hearty tea brew in a hefty Hugo tea mug or a practical Porto stoneware mug.

Nothing beats wrapping your hands around the warmth and comfort of a solid tea mug on a chilly morning, so choose the best tea mugs from vibrant designs and perfectly pretty patterns depending on what fits with your grip and is a feast for your eyes!

How do tea infuser mugs work?

Tea mugs with infusers are the cleverest tea making tools in the trade! They front up to work and do the job with the speed and skill of an expert. True to their no-fuss reputation, tea infuser mugs let you brew your favourite loose leaf tea and drink it from just one tea-rrific tea vessel!

How does it work? With the stainless steel infuser set inside your mug, just drop a scoop of loose leaf tea into the infuser, add boiling water and pop on the lid. When it’s brewed remove the lid, discard the infuser and get sipping!

How to get tea stains out of mugs?

Tough tea stains dull the appearance of your beautiful tea mugs and tea cups. Try soaking your tea mugs in vinegar with a spoonful of baking soda, let them sit for a while filled with bleach before washing thoroughly, or get scrubbing your tea cups and tea mug sets with a little toothpaste! Clean as a whistle? Then it’s time for a brew!

Where to buy the best tea mugs?

Find mighty tea mug and saucer sets in T2 stores everywhere, and easy to see at our online shop too! There’s no better range of the best tea mugs with lids and tea infuser mugs than at T2 if you want super cute tea mugs, lovely and large tea mugs, glass tea mugs and even kids’ tea mugs too!

Treat yourself or get gifting, for every tea lover’s collection needs a handy tea mug!