What is a tea infuser mug?

Tea infuser mugs are all-in-one, no-fuss tea brewing tools simply perfect for keeping loose leaf tea leaves present and accounted for while you make your tea directly in the mug.

T2 tea infuser mugs are multi-talented and wear multiple hats! They’re a teapot and a tea strainer and a big tea cup all rolled into one. Stunningly beau-tea-ful, our tea infuser mugs are available in iconic T2 designs to complement your existing teawares collections.

For a hearty brew you’ll find T2 tea infuser mugs go the extra mile, serving up a little more tea in a robust mug perfectly crafted for cradling on cold wintery mornings.

How does a tea infuser mug work?

There’s no need to be a fusspot with a teapot when your tea party is a solo affair. Tea infuser mugs are simply marvellous creations designed for loose-leaf tea lovers to go solo-sipping in style.

The tough and trusted stainless steel infusers fit like a glove in your T2 tea mug with lid. Once your tea has brewed you can whisk away the tea infuser and you’re ready to sip and savour a hot cup of tea which is perfectly brewed right there in your mug!

How to use a tea infuser mug?

Use your best tea infuser mug just like a teapot – almost.

  1. Add a scoop of tea-licious T2 tea to the stainless steel infuser inside the mug.
  2. Add your boiling water and pop on the lid.
  3. Leave your tea to brew for the recommended time.
  4. Remove the lid and the infuser, add milk and sugar to taste and…
  5. Tea’s up! Time to start sipping!

How to use a tea infuser travel mug?

When you’re moving and grooving out and about, trendy travel tea infuser mugs let you take your tea with you because… it’s always time for a cuppa, right?

Designed with built-in thermal properties, you can simply make your toasty hot brew or cold-as-iced tea tipple directly in the travel mug and head out the door!

These perfectly splendid tea-on-the-go tools are fab for tea-fashionistas and busy peeps in posh suits. They’re just as happy in the hands of soccer mums, tradies and gym junkies, so whoever you are and wherever you go, you need a tea infuser travel mug by your side.

Where to buy a tea mug with infuser?

If you like to shop online then pop the kettle on, make a hearty cuppa and get browsing, for you’ll love the porcelain and glass tea mugs available from our online store.

Free shipping is available within the UK for online purchases over £25, with free international delivery within Europe for online purchases over £60. Psssst! We can gift wrap too!

If you’d rather shop in-store you’re in for a treat because our T2 stores are veritable treasure troves of all things related to tea! The most magnificent sensory experience awaits when you visit a T2 store near you, filled with tea-party trinkets and tasty teas we know you’ll adore.