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How to make a tea latte

Tea latte
Consider this your golden ticket to wellness! Laced with oodles of positive super powers, tuck into our fave way to serve up a turmeric-loaded brew! Read onchevron

How to make a turmeric latte

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How to

  1. Heat and froth the milk.
  2. Add the tea to your favourite cup or mug, then add a little of the milk and mix to make a paste.
  3. Add hot frothy milk to the tea and sweeten if desired.

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Tea latte 101


When it comes to making tea lattes, it’s best to stick with black teas. They’re the strongest of the bunch, and will guarantee a full-flavoured brew that can stand up to plenty of milk. Matcha’s the exception to the rule and we’ve got all the inside tricks on making matcha here. See below for our fave black teas to turn into a latte!

Melbourne Breakfast

One of our fave sips to pair with the first meal of the day, the vanilla partners perfectly with hot creamy milk!

Creme Brulee

Loaded with toasty, burnt caramel flavours, we love turning this dessert-inspired drop into a creamy milk concoction.

New York Breakfast

Cinnamon and vanilla are the standout players in this comforting cup of pancake-inspired goodness!

Caramel Brownie

The ultimate in indulgent sipping, drink up stacks of super sweet caramel and choc flavours.


When we just want a straight up classic tea latte without all the extras, we love combining Assam’s malty, full-bodied flavours with milk.

Tea latte guide Explore more black teas


Curious about which milk’s the right one for your tea latte brew? We’ve done the hard work and tested a few different milks to bring you a little guide to which milks bring out the best of our top latte teas. Just a guide to get you started, you’ve got the green light to experiment with tea flavours and your fave milks – what crazy combos and sip-worthy flavours can you create!

  Cow's milk Soy milk Almond milk Coconut milk
Melbourne Breakfast        
Creme Brulee        
New York Breakfast        
Caramel Brownie        
Tea latte guide

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